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Twitter Web Client : What's more satisfyingly decadent than #ApparatusStudio? “We are making things for people who have access to everything and who have seen everything" my visit with them in TOWN&COUNTRY…

iPhone : Anyways a lot about this is stupid but fundamentally nobody forced Papadopoulos to take a meeting with a guy representing himself as a Russian spy, nobody forced him to tell an Australian diplomat about it, and nobody forced him to lie to the FBI.

It’s absurd.

iPhone : "Judy Garland and Harriet Tubman is something I would see," said carl swanson cheekily. He and Shauna Lyon were asked why stories about older stories and long-gone figures continue to be told on-screen. #ICYMI…

iPhone : If you can’t afford to use your health insurance it’s like not having health insurance… via @NYTimes

Twitter Web Client : “People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?”… via @thecut

Twitter Web Client : Bill Gates on climate adaptation "they used to fatten cows down in Texas, now nobody does it anymore because it’s too hot there...By 2060 or 2070, for decent productivity, it has to go up to Canada."… via Intelligencer

Twitter Web Client : "...Rich liberals who don’t care about you are going to invite the entire Third World to come live in your backyard, tax you to pay for it, and call you a fascist if you complain..."… via Intelligencer

Twitter Web Client : Bill Gates: "We also need to get air conditioning into the equatorial regions, particularly urban equatorial regions, and we need to get the crops so that they can withstand drought.... You’re going to have bad years."… via Intelligencer

Twitter Web Client : "He’s not just evil. Well, he is evil, but that’s not what’s interesting to me." Julius & Ethel Rosenberg's granddaughter Ivy Meeropol's doc about Roy Cohn, who'd sent them to the electric chair, and went on to be Trump's mentor.… Vulture Intelligencer