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Twitter Web App : Ultan Stephenson I certainly did not intend to give the impression infant mortality was all down to population density (and in fact, I said it was down to a large rural population, not quite the same thing).

There are many factors, inc climate, food availability, medicine...

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Twitter Web App : Ultan Stephenson (A) The major killer of under-5s was infectious disease. Infectious disease spreads more readily through a city or town (even into richer areas) than the countryside.
(B) I see Scandinavia, NZ, Switzerland in same space. Which countries do you mean?

Twitter Web App : Ultan Stephenson Low infant mortality is probably due to most of the population being rural. In England, the children of farm labourers (the poorest group) had lower child mortality than all but richest other groups. Massive difference between rural & urban in Ireland itself in early 20th century