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Twitter Web App : An excellent fireworks display at Ramore Head to celebrate Saturday night of #TheOpen Great setting, wonderful show, crackin atmosphere. Well done CausewayCoast&Glens and all involved! Barra Best
Cecilia Daly
angie phillips

(Photos to follow)

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Twitter Web App : "This [tweaking the WA] is so blindingly obviously in Boris’s interests that I find it hard to believe he would take an alternative approach, though I am prepared, as ever, to be confounded by abject stupidity."…

Twitter Web App : Garnhiem🐯 Oh I see. You're saying you'd have voted against the Lisbon treaty because you don't want two-tier government...yet you think there'd have been no Brexit vote if there had been a Lisbon ref?

Twitter Web App : Collins: "How's the Czar over there? He's so quiet... You cats take it easy on the lunar surface. If I hear you huffing and puffing, I'm going to start bitching at you." They're in separate spacecraft​ now and will separate soon. #Apollo11

Twitter Web App : Garnhiem🐯 You seem very confused. You say there would have been no Brexit vote without Lisbon, but now you're saying you don't want a two-tier political system (so would vote to Brexit).

You think EU has too much power & you want it to have more power.

Do you know what you want at all?

Twitter Web App : Sod Pepsi's navy.

Let's talk about the point after WW2 where the Knights Hospitaller, of medieval crusading fame, 'accidentally' became a major European air power.

I shitteth ye not. 🛩️🛩️

Twitter Web App : TFW a 2007 Doctor Who had less terrible looking human cats than your big budget Hollywood movie

Twitter Web App : Garnhiem🐯 The EU policies are set by the Council of the EU: in other words, your PM and the other MS leaders. Not a question of changes being "imposed" by EU: UK is involved in making them.

Why do you want EU to override Member State's constitutions?

Twitter Web App : Garnhiem🐯 Let's take the most recent UK constitutional change, the Fixed Term Parliament's Act. Wasn't in the Conservative manifesto. Was agreed to coalition agreement. So I think you're a little lost. Government's are not bound by their manifestos as you seem to think.

Twitter Web App : Garnhiem🐯 Ah right. So you don't actually care about being consulted on important issues, only on important *EU* issues (which you are not concerned enough about to research). 👍

Twitter Web App : Wave touching the cloud 😍

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Twitter Web App : The most amazingly beautiful video you’ll see today? I think so...
Father & son meet three very curious whales off the Kerry coast 🐋🐋🐋…

Twitter Web App : Thunder and lightning on the Great Blasket at 5am this morning.
What a place to experience a storm!
Met Éireann #WildAtlanticWay

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