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Bio draws cartoons, sings a lot, likes colours and projects personalities onto small creatures.
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iPhone : Dear Twitter comrades and friends, I'm taking a break today and tomorrow. My brain needs a break after putting this together #ExtremeBetrayal…

iPhone : The Cathy Wilcox Jane Caro It would be the same for fruit picking or anything made in Asia. The reality is we are not willing as a society to pay for the true cost of what we purchase. Consumption is too good and easy but we can't afford it.

iPhone : We’re keen to boycott the big name restaurants when they’ve underpaid employees.
I wonder if we could cope with knowing how little staff were paid in our favourite little Asian and fast food eateries?

iPhone : .The Cathy Wilcox admits she was a bit of an "odd unit" as a teenager, which might be just one of the reasons why she's created an A-Z guide of having a teenager with Sarah Macdonald.

"When I was a teenager I don't think people got me," says Sarah.

What was your teenage self like?

iPhone : RIP one of my cartooning heroines.
Claire Bretécher, pionnière de la BD et créatrice d’« Agrippine » et des « Frustrés », est morte…