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Tweetbot for Mac : what a legend - if peter gordon pulls this off it will be almost as great a victory as the 2016 grand final…

Twitter Web App : Danny Frawleys family released a brave statement today. If you need help, its out there.


Lifeline: 13 11 1

iPhone : “The accusation seems to be if you ask a person of Chinese heritage a difficult question, thats somehow a racial attack… The PM, in a really low political tactic, has sought to bring in all Chinese Australians... He could end this,” Senator Penny Wong tells PatriciaKarvelas #auspol

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iPhone : Director of the Australian Parliament House Art Collection Justine van Mourik will be on hand/keyboard, tomorrow from 10am-12pm for #AskACurator day. Shell answer everything youve ever wanted to know about the collection but been afraid to ask.
D.Dixers welcome.
Tweet early. Tweet often.

TweetDeck : Nature is oblivious to our motive and history. It asks nothing. It takes nothing. The forest receives us as we are; as do the rivers, the shores, the mountains and the plains. Fatima Measham excellent in @meanjin.…

TweetDeck : We were wrong ... Paladin was not fined 1,000 times for performance failures on Manus, it was actually 3,740 times according to unredacted documents released by Home Affairs.…

iPhone : Repost: On this day four years ago Karl Stefanovic and I saved @lisa_wilkinson’s life. 🤕

Thanks tomnicol5 - how could I forget? Always be grateful...although bloody hell Lisa, the electorate IS sick of!!! Not ARE……

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iPhone : Tonight. Like Harry Lime in the sewers beneath Vienna we enter the sewers of Sydney crime .. as Kate McClymont talks about McGurk,Medich and murder most foul

iPhone : such good, positive vibes in NSW parliament QT with a failed leadership spill + both sides embroiled in ICAC investigations 🌈

I’m in the gallery just huffing it in

iPhone : Reading this made me physically ill, but it’s such important journalism.

Many limbs of the Catholic Church is this country have facilitated child abuse on such a scale, it’s difficult to comprehend.…

Twitter Web App : Hat tip to Tristan Edis for digging up an interesting yarn about NTs Territory Generation straight up admitting its getting intensely squeezed by the uptake of solar.…

iPhone : Matt Noffs: “It. doesn’t. work.”…

Rick: “I don’t think they care. It’s red meat to their base.”…

iPhone : I strongly suspect the government will come to regret ever doing this. Just quietly #auspol…

Twitter for iPad : Bruce MacKinnon did the best cartoon ever in response to Brett Kavanaugh getting a seat on the Supreme Court.

I hope Kavanaugh is having a lousy day

| The Star…

iPhone : Robodebt class action: Shorten unveils ‘David and Goliath’ legal battle into Centrelink scheme… #auspol


🍻 with the PM at The Lodge
🍴 with Albo and Marles at ARIA
🎾 with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg
🎈 with Defence Minister Linda Reynolds
🏈 AFL Grand Final tickets
✈️ QANTAS business class flights
#auspol #midwinterball…

iPhone : Julie Collins to Morrison: Why are they now 129,000 older Australians waiting for their home care package, even though the packages have been approved? #auspol

Twitter Web App : #auspol #qldpol #thedrum #Speers
The nightmare of Australias welfare system: At the push of a button, my working life was erased…

iPhone : NEW: Guardian editor Kath Viner has sent a text message to former prime minister David Cameron to personally apologise for her newspaper’s editorial about his dead son, per multiple sources.…

Twitter Web App : Im not some kind of authentic Mexican taco-truther. I just wish someone in this country would give even a passing thought to the texture of the tortilla and filling, and how they might be made to complement each other, and how timing and temperature might affect that. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Twitter Web App : “Called off.” You mean, “failed?”…

iPhone : I’m on Afternoons on ABC Sydney - the literally crazy day in NSW politics, the relics of now in the museum of the future & acting out your dreams while still asleep - have u done worse than swallow your own engagement ring ?

Twitter Web App : In the end of Season 6 of #Friends, Bruce Willis is a cast member for a few episodes.
In episode 6 of Season 7, the guys watch and rewatch #Diehard without batting an eye.

Twitter Web App : Media organisations are starting to need a Mr Huang reporter. The ATO sought urgent orders in the Federal Court in Sydney on Monday to freeze the local assets of Mr Huang.

Twitter Web App : look darlings, I know you mean well, but until I turn into a bird Im going to steer clear of knowingly eating insects… 🤢

Twitter Web App : Well articulated ACEM President. ED door open 24/7, the remaining hospital/service open running at full steam only M-F 8am-5pm. Can we please stop obsessing with the fact that the ED needs to be “fixed” & put more urgent attention on the rest of the system?…

Twitter Web App : RNLI I think The Daily Mail got up out of the wrong side of the bed on Sunday morning still APOPLECTIC about all the EU and rainbow flags mixed in with Union Jacks at The Last Night Of The Proms.

iPhone : With the Air Force booking regular stays at the Trump hotel in Scotland, POLITICO cartoonist Matt Wuerker takes a look at which branch could be next. More toons 👉

iPhone : Bringing #LennonWallFlag to DC !
Add Arty Oil to Hong Kong :)…

Twitter Web App : A swift backlash has forced Maribyrnongs mayor to abandon his push for a friendly exchange with a Chinese district.…

Android : Thread: Im always astounded by the imaginings of white people as it relates to race. Many of them have this fictionalized jigaboo version that is almost alien-like. And one of the greatest examples of this ever is Joe Bidens story about Corn Pop the gangsta.

Twitter Web App : All debunked.
1) Climate change is natural .
2)Changes are due to sunspots/galactic cosmic rays
3) CO₂ is so small – it can’t have a large heating affect
4) Scientists manipulate data sets to show warming trend
5)Climate models are unreliable and too sensitive to carbon dioxide…

Twitter Web App : Tonight on #TheDrum denial of an internal crisis as 3 MPs attempted to spill the NSW leadership over the abortion bill, the ACT Government asks Canberrans to do more of the heavy lifting with climate change, class action over robo-debt, & businesses focus on social responsibility

TweetDeck : The Senate just passed my motion congratulating the Blacktown Youth Advisory Committee on their successful Unlease the Future conference that I had the pleasure of participating in last weekend! #auspol

Twitter Web App : This is the perfect example of how the modern Liberal party is anything but liberal. Its a conservative, regressive rabble, full of dinosaurs who belong in the Jurassic period.…

iPhone : What should you do if someone asks you to refer to them using gender neutral pronouns?

Do what they ask. It’s called not being an asshole.

Twitter for iPad : 2GB Radio just announced they’ll undertake a “full review” of their business in light of recent outrage. Witches, please fully explain what changes they must make (short of sacking Alan Jones) which *might* satisfy you enough to stop boycotting their advertisers. Please RT.

Twitter Web App : IndigenousX Pty Ltd Officer says he believed she was intoxicated & told her the

best place for her was a cell.

White aboriginal liaison officer with no intimate experience of indigenous kin.
A train guard who by all intents reported a sleeping woman harming no one.
Culpable Ignorant patterns

iPhone : Days of guaranteed time off:

🇮🇷 53
🇰🇼 48
🇰🇭 45
🇧🇭 44
🇩🇿 41
🇵🇦 40
🇩🇰 36
🇫🇮 36
🇫🇷 36
🇮🇸 36
🇳🇴 35
🇵🇪 34
🇸🇪 34
🇭🇷 33
🇨🇺 33
🇨🇿 33
🇭🇺 33
🇮🇹 32
🇳🇿 31
🇦🇺 30
🇨🇱 30
🇩🇪 30
🇬🇷 29
🇮🇪 29
🇬🇧 28
🇮🇳 27
🇿🇦 27
🇨🇭 27
🇻🇳 22
🇮🇱 21
🇹🇭 19
🇸🇬 18
🇵🇷 15
🇲🇽 13
🇯🇵 10
🇺🇸 0

No wonder were unraveling.

iPhone : 刚载到一对父女,小孩两岁的样子。接单时差点我拒了,才4.4分,从来没有这么低分的。不知道他以前做了啥😅也许孩子很小的时候,很捣蛋😂。本来想问一下,想想忍住。 #鱼的优步小故事

iPhone : Email translation: “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME”

I’m sure all the publicity is not very pleasant. That’s the point. Clearly you still do not get it. Even more reason to publicise Yumiko Kadota’s message!

#MH4Docs #CrazySocks4Docs…

iPhone : On the 100th day of the #HongKongProtests, lawmaker Tanya Chan appealed to the UN to probe brutal crackdowns and preemptive violence by police:

Why is China sitting here, as a member of this Human Rights Council?

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iPhone : This is what the West Bank would look like if Netanyahu makes good on his pledge to annex the major settlement blocs as well as the Jordan valley if he wins next weeks elections.


iPhone : Love it how the PM dismisses questions about his honesty as irrelevant because we are in drought.... 🙄 As though we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time


Companies advertising during Sunday nights broadcast are on NOTICE you will be named and shamed.

Katie Hopkins is a racist & Channel 9 has used Hopkins abusive bullying and hostile attack as click bait.