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Bio retired chemical engineer NCSU + MBA frm UNC-G +army veteran1961-64 Pro choice of course! Only child,loyal democrat! Relgn/openminded Very concerned 4 EARTH !
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Twitter Web App : There are some moments that are destined to play in future documentaries. Marie Yovanovitch walking out of the hearing room to applause seems to be one of them.

Twitter Web App : When we get through this, and we will, I hope to god that those that were the mouthpieces for Trump have nowhere to crawl off to. I hope this follows them throughout their remaining careers. They are the ones who have turned their backs on this nation.

Twitter Web App : Biden could drop out of the race today and it would still be considered one of the most successful political campaigns in US history. His mere existence in the race forced a sitting president to impeach himself. Not a bad accomplishment.

Twitter Web App : wonder how long its gonna be until trump machine tries to scrub this from the internet.

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Twitter Web App : Fox News' Bret Baier suggests Trump just broke the law in 'real time' with tweeted attacks on Yov... news.yahoo.com/fox-news-bret-… via Yahoo

Twitter Web App : So does everyone complicit in this lie go to jail too?
Transcript Shows WH Made Up Details of Trump’s Zelensky Call thedailybeast.com/transcript-sho…

Twitter Web App : Holy sht there's a dictator in the WH kind of "moral issues at the State Department" twitter.com/RobAnderson201…

Twitter Web App : My nurse is a US citizen who immigrated here from Ghana. I showed here this video. She asked me if I was scared Trump would have me silenced? She said, you must be careful, I survived a criminal dictator, my family did not. I was stunned. How many feel this way?

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Twitter Web App : Adam Schiff gets our #HeyManNiceShot for the day for that closing statement.


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Twitter Web App : Trump and Barr have uncovered a Deep State Document that explains the strong resistance to his Administration.

It is called the Constitution of the United States of America.