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Android : Disgusting.

Emily Thornberry telling working class voters they're stupid for voting for Brexit for a party that would deliver Brexit is exactly why Labour will never win them back.

It's especially moronic while she blindly follows a leader with two E's at A-Level.
#Ridge #marr…

Android : You "won" the argument by intimidating everyone against you.

You've treated Jews as if they're irrelevant, the rich as if they don't contribute and the working class as if they're a burden.

I'm so proud that we rejected the student politics of envy, hatred and arrogance.…

Android : And when he talks about the abuse from the “billionaire media” what is he referring to?

In the media, all the “attacks” I saw on him, be it wreath laying for terrorists or antisemitism, were backed up by evidence.

It’s not abuse if it’s the truth, it’s just the news!

Android : Labour: We need a conversation about how the Tories who are still worshipping Margaret Thatcher have managed to win in ex-mining towns.

Blue Labour: How about we have a serious conservation about immigration and stop banging on about diversity and Europe?


Android : Quick reminder that the exit poll doesn't take into account postal votes (as far as I know) so the Tory majority is likely way larger.


Android : All the rainy nights. Completely worth it. What a brilliant exit poll.

#GeneralElection2019 #GE2109 #ThankYou

Android : The idea that Britain could be about to make someone who is openly antisemitic the Prime Minister and a woman determined to dissolve our Union of Equals actually makes me sick.

#NeverCorbyn #GeneralElection2019 #GE2109 #VoteConservative

Android : A vote against Zac Goldsmith l will only result in removing one of the greatest environmentalists from Parliament!! Not to mention a vote for the Liberal Democrats will be a vote for Corbyn, who’s economic chaos will give us no platform to fight for the climate internationally!🌳…

Android : Josh Mitte 📙🌈 Labour won 63% of seats on a 9% lead in 2001.

I have my problems with FPTP but overall (admittedly selfishly)I would rather keep it. If the YouGov poll is correct something needs to give because that comparison shows something is clearly wrong.

Android : Also on the YouGov MRP, don't take it as gospel.

It has Kensington as a toss-up (38-36-21) when yesterday's constituency polling showed that the seat turning blue.

On Thursday make sure this is true by voting for great, new Tory MPs like Felicity Buchan MP and #VoteConservative

Android : If the YouGov MRP is right and the Conservatives only get a 28 seat majority with a 9% lead then Parliament must be dragged kicking and screaming into implementing the boundary review.

If Labour had a 9 point lead they would win 400+ seats. This is getting ridiculous.