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iPhone : This. Me. Always. Sadly I’m afraid it will never go away. If anyone figures out the secret, please share with the class.…

iPhone : I literally don’t even know what to watch anymore. I have been laid up for 2 months essentially. I have watched all there is to watch in the whole world. I hate this, I’m so ready to get back to having a life again.

iPhone : Chris Mahaffey I mean you just cannot predict foul balls and the truth is I can pay attention 100% of the time but most of the people who have been injured were injured because it just happens so fast sometimes..usually doesn’t have anything to do with paying attention. People are annoying lol

iPhone : Listen Linda, coming from someone who practically lives in the depths of hell because I’m always cold, this is a little much.…

iPhone : I don’t like calling people names..but if you’re actually mad about this you’re just plain stupid. Has nothing to do with paying attention to the game. Some people are incredibly ignorant I wonder how y’all are functioning members of society.…

iPhone : Tell me why I just lost 27 minutes of my life trying to decide if Kim k has a 6th toe. I hate the internet.

iPhone : Alex Dale I know right ?! Like I’m gonna be pissed if Fez the drug dealer dies. And that’s just one of several 😂 zendaya already second they got approved for another season so they need to get on that ASAP lol

iPhone : No offense to all the pregnant ladies out there..but everyone is getting pregnant right now and it’s REALLY pissing me off because like what did I do to be so undeserving 🙄🙄🙄🙄

iPhone : Seriously favorite couple goals are literally Eric and Jessie James Decker..and Bryce and Kayla Harper.

iPhone : Andy Williams I’m excited about this baby okay lol It’s about that time and I really wanted it to be the baby. I mean she really should be having it ANY day now. You don’t know me because it’s twitter. But nothing I say is said maliciously or to be offensive. I genuinely wanted the baby lol

iPhone : Now they’re tweeting dehydration. I’m ready for this beautiful ass baby so I’m still holding firm on baby Harper, k.

iPhone : I hate men. Dumbass people on my timeline freaking out because Bryce Harper got pulled from the game with no explanation. Uhm hello, his wife is pregnant. Like very pregnant. Like baby Harper, here we come.

iPhone : First world probs: when you want to order the new Ari fragrance but like you want to test it before you buy it..but don’t want to deal with going to the store that’s why you want to order it. Social anxiety on high as you can see.

iPhone : So I’m PRETTY sure I’m the only one who hasn’t received the Kevin Byard mayor of Murfreesboro shirts...USPS says they shipped it to the wrong zip code. ITS THE MURFREESBORO ZIP CODE. HOW DID IT END UP IN WOODBURY ?! And so I wait....😩⏳