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Android : The coolest girl you knew in your 20s now either has a candle business or a family she started when she moved to Europe.

Android : I've been dreaming of things happening in my apartment & I only realize they're dreams as I'm hanging out in my apartment, like things falling over or people coming to my door or window & then while I'm awake, I casually think about it, but then I'm like, oh, that never happened

Android : I hope after these quarentimes, I will emerge like a beautiful butterfly after being in a gross cocoon

Android : Maybe moved a little too fast with my long distance crush by texting while watching the same vampire movie double feature

Android : Vamps directed by Amy Heckerling starring Alicia Silverstone & Krysten Ritter as socialite vampires in NYC is a movie I imagined, but it turns out it's real!