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iPhone : The soulless Dave Rubin went on Tucker Carlson to blame California fires on liberals and diversity hiring. Wow. So, black firefighters are why we had the fires?! Not climate change! But they also mentioned LGBT hires & that’s why Dave was brought on - to betray his own. Wow.

Twitter Web App : This tweet from 3 years ago has randomly taken on a life of its own today. To answer your questions: Yes, we eventually talked. Yes, she became a Congresswoman. Yes, she is now incredibly popular. It's almost as if you're strong, smart & progressive enough, you too can do this! twitter.com/AOC/status/722…

Twitter Web App : It finally happened! For the first time in five years, a positive article about Bernie Sanders in the mainstream press. And it's @Politico! politico.com/news/2019/10/3… Do you believe in miracles? What's next, Nate Silver not dismissing polls where Bernie leads?

Twitter Web App : Republicans are obsessed with the whistleblower. In reality that person is not at all relevant anymore because we now have witnesses and texts that confirm the original allegations. But the thugs care about him because they want to find the guy who "ratted them out" to the cops.

Twitter Web App : Republicans like Sean Duffy are accusing Lt. Col. Vindman of dual loyalty - the thing that they said was heinous when they falsely claimed Ilhan Omar was doing it. Now they think accusing people of dual loyalty is awesome and should be done to decorated war veterans.

iPhone : Deposits in traditional banks fund $200+ billion in fossil fuel company projects every year. I’m proud to invest in Aspiration 🎃, an alternative to traditional banking services that helps people save money and save the planet. Sign up and join the movement: bit.ly/aspiration-tw

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iPhone : Wait, I thought the mainstream media said his race was over and that he had no chance. I literally lol’ed writing that. The corporate media - impervious to facts since ... well, kind of since forever. twitter.com/nicholsuprisin…

Twitter Web App : This booing story is big because the elites have shut off every available avenue for real Americans to access their government. They won't talk to you unless you have big checks for them. Then when people get frustrated, the elites yell at them that they should know their place.

iPhone : Now Frank Luntz is suggesting you shouldn’t be able to boo the president and that average Americans who did “should be held accountable.” Lock them up? These guys just don’t believe in America. Now they consider even booing the elites unacceptable. Authoritarian to their core.

iPhone : When you equate their chant about Hillary Clinton to the chant about Donald Trump, what you do is you wash away his crimes. By pretending hes done nothing wrong, Cenk Uygur responds to the Democrats who criticized World Series attendees booing Donald J. Trump

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