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Bio I am gainfully employed by a newspaper. Future generations will not be able to say that.
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Twitter Web Client : Did you know? FRASER has a collection of more than 100 oral histories of economists, conducted from 1994 to 2003. Listen to the interviews or read the transcripts

Twitter Lite : ICYMI: Our special report from Preston, UK on a model for community wealth-building that’s shaking things up. #NowWeOwn #PrestonModel


Twitter Lite : As Aditya Chakrabortty says, Theresa May and the Brexit bandits seem well prepared for Airbuss decision to leave the UK.

The UK govt 2017 report discovered Airbus makes aeroplanes 👏…

Twitter Lite : "My mother came to Britain from Barbados on a British passport to work as a nurse. The NHS has been sustained by immigrants like her. On the 70th anniversary of Windrush and the NHS we should acknowledge their contribution."

Twitter Lite : Combination of headlines on the Times front is a real killer. One wonders about potential future import substitution headlines: Turnip wine: better than that French rubbish, says Defra. #AutarkyintheUK