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Twitter Web App : Did you know:

Donald J. Trump has received more donations from Seattle, Washington than any other 2020 Democrat

And his 21,657 donations from the state of Washington are the most recorded at this point in any election, by any candidate ever

America is waking up!

iPhone : This is your daily reminder that the polls got it wrong in 2016

Hillary Clinton's chance of winning 2016





Don't believe the suppression polls that say Joe Biden will beat Donald J. Trump when he can't get 30 people to a rally


Twitter Web App : Sick:

An illegal alien charged with 10 counts of rape was released from a Maryland jail just 3 days after his arrest, ignoring ICE detainer requests

ICE is doing everything to make America more safe

Democrats' sanctuary city policies are trying to make it more dangerous

iPhone : Breaking:

Today the dictators of the Palestinian Authority just BANNED all LGBT activity

Meanwhile Israel has massive gay pride parades

Why is the left so silent when human rights are abused by the PA?


iPhone : At Harvard they gave Elizabeth Warren a professor spot because she is 1/1024th Native American

She is a fraud who used affirmative action to get into a position of influence and power

Harvard should be equally ashamed for rewarding these lies and falsehoods

iPhone : Any organization that:

Was founded by a known eugenicist

Rips babies from mother’s wombs

Sells baby parts

And spends millions to support infanticide

Should NOT be receiving taxpayer money

RT if you think it’s time to defund ALL of their funding!!

iPhone : Facts about planned parenthood:

652,639 abortions performed last year

49% were minorities

Sells organs and baby body parts (caught on camera)

Refused to report sex traffickers to FBI and DOJ

Doesn’t perform mammograms

Defund Planned Parenthood!

Twitter Web App : The left is trying to pin an imaginary recession on Donald J. Trump

Does anyone else find it strange:

For the past two years, they've refused to give Trump credit for the economy he built

Now they're trying to blame him for a recession that doesn't exist?


Twitter Web App : HUGE:

President Trump has forced Planned Parenthood out of the Title X program—causing them to lose $60 MILLION in funding from American taxpayers

Planned Parenthood is NOT a healthcare provider

They are an abortion factory.

This is a massive victory for LIFE in America


Twitter Web App : You don’t want to miss this.

Students For Trump (Students For Trump) is enlisting one MILLION young voters to propel Donald J. Trump into his 2nd term in the White House

And it all kicks off this weekend in Las Vegas

Sign up to attend here. Don't miss…

iPhone : Another deadly weekend in Chicago:

28 shot, 5 dead

Democrat gun control policies have failed America’s inner cities

They’ve led to the mass deaths of thousands of African-Americans & minorities every single year

America deserves better than what Democrats are offering.

iPhone : Fact:

From July 2018 to June 2019, the New York Police Department received 2,916 ICE detainer requests

They ignored every single one

Bill De Blasio's sanctuary city policy kept nearly 3,000 illegal alien criminals on the streets of NYC

Democrat policies make America less safe

Twitter Web App : How Democrats refer to ANTIFA:

Rep. Deb Haaland: "Peaceful protesters safeguarding their city"

Joe Biden: "Courageous"

There's nothing "courageous" about destroying a city

There's nothing "peaceful" about attacking journalists

ANTIFA is a domestic terror organization.

iPhone : Shocking:

A Democrat State Senator’s fundraiser featured photo opportunities to point a fake rifle at someone dressed as Donald J. Trump

Every single Democrat running for president has been silent on this

Do they all condone this encouragement of political violence?


iPhone : Facts:

Elizabeth Warren falsely began listing her race as “Native American” starting in 1986

Harvard described her as “the first woman of color” to teach at their law school

She knew it wasn’t true.

Why does she get a pass for lying about her race to get ahead?


Twitter Web App : A North Carolina sanctuary city just released an illegal alien from custody

He was previously deported due to rape charges and child sex crimes

Why are we releasing criminals back into our community?

RT if you're sick of Democrats putting illegal aliens over American citizens!

iPhone : If politicians wanted to keep black people poor, they should send them to Baltimore public schools

A report released in 2017 found that 13 high schools in Baltimore had ZERO students proficient in Math

90% of Black boys in Baltimore schools cannot read at grade level

Twitter Web App : Before you demonize “male privilege”

This is your daily reminder that males make up for:

93% of workplace fatalities

60% of homeless people

78% of suicide victims

78% of murder victims

93% of prison inmates

96% of military casualties



iPhone : Mayor Pete says voting for Trump is “looking the other way on racism”

Beto says it’s “hard not to believe” that all Trump supporters are racist

AOC says Trump supporters are too dumb to know they’re racist

Strange—coming from the party that refuses to condemn antisemitism