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Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Warren is running on eliminating student loan debt and cracking down on colleges

Which is odd, considering she was a part of the problem:

She made over $429,981 in one year at Harvard

If professors really believed in socialism, why don’t they teach for free?


iPhone : Why isn’t Pelosi holding a house vote on impeachment?

Because the first person subpoenaed by Republicans would be Hunter Biden

And then Joe Biden

Then Brennan

Then Obama

Then their entire deep state operation to destroy Trump becomes exposed

What are they afraid of?


iPhone : This is your daily reminder that Joe Biden called ANTIFA courageous

ANTIFA isnt courageous

They attack journalists

They destroy cities

They riot in the streets

They assault police officers

Theres nothing courageous about these thugs

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iPhone : Voter fraud is real:

In Texas, four women funded by a Democrat Party leader were arrested after they were caught intercepting mail in ballots and forging votes for Democrats

If Democrats can’t win on ideas, they win by cheating

iPhone : Why is Adam Schiff holding impeachment hearings behind closed doors?

Why isn’t he releasing transcripts of interviews he’s secretly conducting?

If there was evidence of impeachable offenses by Trump, wouldn’t he want America to know it?

RT if he should be removed as chair

iPhone : Imagine if Trump supporters

Rioted in the streets

Attacked cops

Destroyed property

Concealed their identity

Attacked journalists

Terrorized cities

There would be nonstop media coverage & condemnation across the board

So why does ANTIFA get away with doing all of that?


iPhone : Strange:

The whistleblower called the Ukrainian phone call “frightening” in his 800+ word memo

If the call was so “frightening” and an urgent threat to national security

...Why did he wait 18 days to file his report?

Did he have to consult with Schiff and Biden first?


iPhone : New reports are claiming Joe Biden personally profited up to $900,000 from personal lobbying in Ukraine

If true, that would be a disaster for our country

Selling out the United States while Vice President is treasonous

RT if Biden should be immediately brought before Congress

iPhone : When a valid ID is required:

-Boarding an Airplane
-Getting a Prescription
-Applying for a Job
-Cashing a Check
-Applying for Food Stamps
-Obtaining Medicare/Medicaid
-Donating Blood
-Getting Married
-Adopting a Pet

When a valid ID is NOT required:


iPhone : Did you know:

In 2016, Ukraine was pressured by the Obama administration into dropping an investigation into George Soros and activist groups that he funded

They didn’t want to interfere with Soros’ activities in the 2016 election

Why don’t we investigate that?


iPhone : Democrats don’t care about facts

They don’t care about the truth

They don’t just believe that America has made mistakes, they believe that America is a mistake

The Charlie Kirk Show is fighting back

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iPhone : Did you know:

Adam Schiff hired two staffers who previously worked with the Biden-allied "whistleblower"

How is he still allowed to preside over this impeachment hoax?


He should be removed from chair immediately and investigated for his role in this witch hunt

iPhone : Imagine if any of the Trump kids left China with $1.5B

Imagine if any of the Trump kids were granted a $50k/month Ukrainian oil contract with no experience

Imagine if any of the Trump kids were discharged from the Navy over drug use


But Hunter Biden gets a pass?


iPhone : Democrat platform to make us “more safe”:

Sex re-assignment surgery for prison inmates

Voting rights for felons

Even the abolishing of our entire prison system

Meanwhile they want to allow ANTIFA to riot in the streets unchecked

This is the left

Radical & dangerous

iPhone : Did you know:

The largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation is Ukraine with $10 MILLION in contributions

Not China

Not Canada

Not England

How many Obama-era officials are complicit in Ukrainian corruption?

This is a massive scandal

Trump is bringing it all to light

iPhone : The insurance industry is running the ObamaCare playbook again

Why are Republicans supporting this?


Twitter Web App : Domingo Ramirez-Cayente was deported in 2010

He illegally re-entered the US

Last month he was arrested after admitting he shot a transgender woman 6 times—nearly killing her

He was released. His whereabouts are unknown.

Will Democrats care about illegal alien crime now?