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iPhone : Rodney Reed's case looks like an African American man being railroaded to his death because of a consensual relationship with a white woman who was cheating on a dirty cop.

iPhone : At least 3 people are dead and more missing as Australia braces for more #bushfires. NSW RFS fire warnings have reached “catastrophic” levels.

More Bloomberg: bloom.bg/2Qc7thn

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iPhone : I was scared and cried the whole time the soldiers detained me. I only managed to stop crying when my father came.

Last month, Israeli occupation forces detained 10-year-old Palestinian boy Qusai for more than three hours.


iPhone : Note that the Israeli government had reportedly urged those behind the legal action - Psagot settlement winery and French group Organisation Juive Européenne - not to proceed, fearing precisely this result.


iPhone : The ECJ underlined that settlements “give concrete expression to a policy of population transfer conducted by that State outside its territory, in violation of the rules of general international humanitarian law.”

iPhone : "The European Union’s top court ruled Tuesday that EU countries must identify products made in Israeli settlements on their labels, in a decision welcomed by rights groups but likely to spark anger in Israel."


iPhone : "a fire had broken out next to the house and Badawi had come outside to put it out.

'He was carrying a towel, and the moment he got there he was shot,' Hassan said. He said Badawi posed no threat and accused the soldiers of killing him 'in cold blood'."


iPhone : Israeli warplanes have just targeted the headquarters of The Independent Commission for Human Rights - ICHR - in Gaza. The working staff, luckily, was in a meeting on another floor.
This is a war crime and direct targeting of a Civil and Human Rights organizations in Palestine

iPhone : Israeli occupation warplanes target apartment in a residential building in the west of #Gaza city.


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iPhone : WATCH: Traffic camera captures moment a rocket from Gaza hits a highway in central Israel, narrowly missing vehicles. Gaza militants launched heavy rocket fire after Israel killed an Islamic Jihad commander in an airstrike cbsn.ws/377zQ6m

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iPhone : Israel killed a top commander from the Islamic Jihad in a targeted strike in the Gaza Strip. Militants responded by firing rockets at Israeli cities reut.rs/2X58Ory

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iPhone : tr. "Around 5,000 people walking from Talcahuano [a sea port] towards Concepción [CHILE], in one of the 4 marches that will meet up at Paicaví & Carrera [city-center]." twitter.com/Contrainformat…

iPhone : In Chile, a USD$0.04 increase in subway fares sparked protests. But the bigger picture is about low wages, the high costs of living, and the pension system

Heres why protestors are really demonstrating: bit.ly/ChileBIT

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iPhone : Fires in Australia got within miles of downtown Sydney, covering the city in hazardous smoke.

Across the state of New South Wales:
▪️ 80+ fires burning
▪️ 600 schools closed or evacuated
▪️ 2.5M acres burned, 3X as all of last fire season

iPhone : Passengers on a cruise off the coast of Australia were delighted to see a double whale breach when two humpbacks broke through the waters surface before splashing back down. abcn.ws/2q4A8Kj

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iPhone : The fires still came at us even though we were very well prepared

As Australia battles catastrophic bushfires, one mayor describes the terrifying scenes as fires consumed her town

[tap to expand] bbc.in/2CxP1Yt

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iPhone : CA & WA farmworkers are heading to Washington DC to share their stories & support for the bipartisan #farmworker immigration bill, the #FarmWorkforceModernizationAct! Support them by taking action at ufw.org/supportfwma. #WeFeedYou