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iPhone : To stop this, we desperately need your help.

Join us in demanding the IMMEDIATE release of women detained & an end to family detention at Karnes Detention Center.

Sign our petition to #ShutDownKarnes & stop these inhumane abuses…

iPhone : Very alarming thread from RAICES about systematic medical abuse, including surgery, at Karnes detention center in Texas. Please share. #OneVoice1 #OneVoiceWomen #OneVoiceImmigration…

iPhone : The women at the Karnes detention center in Texas are experiencing systemic medical abuse.

Here’s one example:

Mary* fled her home country because she was sexually abused by the police. The lady who found her took her to hospital. Mary lost consciousness from bleeding out.

iPhone : We have just published our Bot Tutorial as a Downloadable PDF!

We also have Downloadable Clickable House and Senate Contact PDF’s. We built these from the ground up. A perfect time to grab these.

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iPhone : Trump spoke w/ Putin on 7/31/19

Trump requested a list of top US spies on 8/3/19

Russia published the name & biography of a man living w/ his wife & kids near DC on 9/10/19

Meanwhile, Trump’s β€œpromise” to a foreign leader triggered an urgent whistleblower complaint on 8/12/19…

iPhone : Trump speaks w/ Putin: 7/31/19

Trump requests list of top US spies: 8/3/19

Russia publishes name & biography of a man living near DC: 9/10/19

Trump says we should not use foreign spies: 9/10/19

#WhistleblowerComplaint is filed re: alarming β€œpromise” to foreign leader: 8/12/19…

iPhone : The burden is on us America. Every day we allow someone w/ obvious dementia to remain in office, we diminish ourselves in the eyes of the rest of the world. No excuses. This is not a drill. Trump is highly symptomatic- physically, mentally & emotionally. He will worsen every day.…

iPhone : Trump looked like he pulled an all nighter b4 boarding Marine 1 on his way to Texas. Spewing streams of mindless word drool, he manages to admit to extorting Ukraine's president for dirt on Biden. He sounded frantic & looked unsteady. Today's schedule is more than he can handle…

iPhone : 3 Ever since multiple dead Russian’s began turning up after the 2016 installation of Trump, it’s been clear- their identities are being exposed.…

iPhone : 2 More than anything, Putin wants the spy the US extracted from Russia. He wants to find out what he gave up & execute him to send a message to anyone else in Russia who would help the US. Does anyone think Trump wouldn’t give Putin what he wants?…

iPhone : 1 Important thread by Jennifer Cohn if like me, you know the whistleblower action is a/b more than dirt on Biden’s son. She has a bombshell I have not seen before-β€œTrump requests list of top US spies: 8/3/19. This is huge. There was no legit reason for it…

iPhone : Putin isn't casually seeking intelligence information. This is a once in a lifetime chance to siphon as much intel from the US as possible. It's in his DNA. His cronies EXPECT it of him. Trump's ineptitude & guardrails near him & Kush have limited the damage. Now it's coming out.…

iPhone : Mnuchin thinks giving Congress the Whistleblower Complaint Would Set β€˜Terrible Precedent.’

Actually, a terrible president set a β€œTerrible Precedent.”

Again, the corrupt GOP chooses party over Country.

#OneVoice1… via HuffPost Politics