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iPhone : Of course, this reflects 3 things we already knew: 1) Trump was elected despite losing the popular vote; 2) D's won by a big margin this year and 3) Turnout was VERY high.

But Trump is a very unpopular president, and I don't think that's totally sunk in yet in how he's covered.

iPhone : This Sunday I had time to sit with Phil Klay 's long piece in America Magazine

Klay wrestles, like Christ's disciples, with a central mystery of our experienced human lives -- the struggle to impose order, and the lure and ultimate emptiness of violence.…

iPhone : Tonight’s post-midterms event with Ta-Nehisi Coates & Chris Hayes is sold out, but you can follow along here starting at 7pm EST!

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iPhone : A site started to mock the most extremist ideas on the far right became a favorite among Trump supporters over 55 who didn't realize it was satire.

"No matter how racist, how bigoted, how offensive, how obviously fake we get, people keep coming back."…

iPhone : I just ran into Nancy Pelosi while looking like this, totally exhausted, deplaning at SFO for my layover. Sometimes you just have to laugh and trust the process — I respect the women who paved the way for me more every day. (Leader Pelosi looked flawless, by the way.)

iPhone : The despair at this camp - the hopelessness here - I’ve never seen anything like it at a US disaster. That hope things will get better at some point is absent here.

iPhone : The shelters are full.

A few shelters have had a norovirus outbreak.

Other survivors are sleeping in makeshift tent cities, or in parking lots.

Tens of thousands of people are newly homeless.

The #CampFire is an emerging humanitarian crisis.…

iPhone : me on twitter vs. me on linkedin

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iPhone : Votes for Democrats in Georgia, By Year
2012: Barrack Obama: 1,773,827
2014: Michelle Nunn: 1,160,811
2014: Jason Carter: 1,144,794
2016: Hillary Clinton: 1,877,963
2018: Miller (PSC) 1,837,922
2018: Barrow (SecState): 1,890,211
2018: Stacey Abrams: 1,923,582*