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Twitter Web Client : Three years ago, Elizabeth Bruenig began investigating a story that had weighed on her since high school: Fellow student Amber Wyatt reported that she was raped in a storage shed off a dirt road in their Texas hometown.

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Twitter Web Client : .Chris Hayes listened to #WITHpod last night. That was SO informative to me about Watergate. I had no idea about how much criminal activity had taken place. What a pleasure to listen to Nick Ackermann recall & retell all of that. Your podcast is a must listen for me. Well done!

Twitter Web Client : I've asked a spokesman for Sen. Sasse, who sits on Judiciary Committee, 3 times since Sunday if he had any comment on the allegations/delaying vote. No response.

This is the only public comment I've seen, unless I missed something..…

Twitter Web Client : I should note that Grassley's office says it has offered to hold a closed-door hearing or have staffers interview Balsey-Ford in private. Although there appears to be no willingness to talk to other potential witneses, including the obvious other named party.

Twitter Web Client : Every person I know who believes abortion is a horrible evil, that Roe was wrongly decided and that current law is a moral stain on the country is extremely invested in Kavanaugh's confirmation, whose judicial views on these questions are, of course, entirely unknowable.

Twitter Web Client : It is entirely possible her account is not accurate and/or not truthful, but her not wanting to go on live TV in front of tens of millions of people in a way that will irrevocably change the rest of life doesn't, to me, have any bearing on her credibility.

Twitter Web Client : In the last 24 hours many conservatives have seem to have convinced themselves that Blasey Ford's reticence to testify one-on-one w Kavanaugh on Monday means she's lying.