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Bio former soldier 2RGJ, self employed security contractor. supporter of Israel 🇮🇱 make Britain great again 🇬🇧🇬🇧big fan of President Trump #OPSYAIDZIRESCUE
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Android : janet t king Makinggardens Ok

Would have thought a good mix of stuff and regular aeration would do the trick.
Am told paper and shredded card waste well mixed in can rapidly raise temp, never tried it.

iPhone : So I was at my drs office today and saw a Time rag with Trump on the cover. I just couldn’t help myself and put a Trump sticker on it.

Yeah, I keep a few stickers with me because you never know when you might need one. 😂

I’m sure It’ll trigger a lib.

#MAGA 🇺🇸

iPhone : Meet Aaron, #Reservist with Royal Signals Royal Signals & Ringway Jacobs Site Agent. “I’ve deployed to Gibraltar to train with the Regular Army which was a fantastic experience & next I’ll be deployed to Cyprus for more training.” #ArmedForcesDay

iPhone : Judge in Canada, says she believes accident was avoidable, yet he only get 8 yrs for killing 13 young teenagers?


Driver behind deadly hockey team bus crash gets 8 years, faces deportation…

Android : Nicola Batty Its the I didnt know excuse then said I was waiting for an email! My term plan is on the notice board, emailed to everyone and on Facebook so no excuses and if she was waiting for an email why didnt she email me. I nearly lost it last night x

iPhone : Kahn must go he is responsible for too many deaths... his arrogance is astonishing in this clip.…

iPhone : Google-YouTube Deletes Project Veritas Video Exposing Google Interfering with Elections Against Conservatives 👇

Project Veritas Publishes Explosive Report Featuring Google’s Plan to Prevent ‘Trump Situation’ in 2020


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Android : As a small number of resilient Dutch residents march under the PEGIDA banner against the Islamisation of the West, they must be protected by hundreds of police officers as mobs of Muslims gun for them, proving their point perfectly.

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