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Bio “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
- Voltaire ** Opinions are my own #FBR

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Android : For whomever thinks it's an achievement to "own the libs" - I just say Barack Obama!

Cause it's better and more satisfying to stand FOR something.

#BarackObama #ObamaOutdidTrump

Android : Hey Karma:

When you sent Dorian - you meant to take Mar-a-lago, right?

We "humbly" offer that as a sacrifice.

Please leave the innocent alone in return.


#HurricaneDorian #KarmaStrikes #FEMA

Android : I don't actually believe in God.

But if #HurricaneDorian takes down Mar-a-lago I will see it as the biggest FU God has ever given to a fake human being.

#Karma #DorianMeetMaraLago

Twitter Web App : Karma is fascinating, isn’t it? I wish everyone in its path safety and protection.…

Android : tRump transferred money from FEMA to funding the border wall.

Today he warned Florida of facing an "absolute monster" hurricane.

I wonder how a border wall is going to help against that and it's aftermath? 🤷🏼‍♂️

#Dorianflorida #FEMA #TrumpResignNow

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Android : Donald J. Trump There are over 3 million people in Puerto Rico. Blaming these people for a failed political system is as ignorant as it gets. A dangerous hurricane is targeting the island and all you do is trash these people. You’re an affront to humanity and a fucking disgrace.

Android : Mark Fryer Donald J. Trump The 🍊🤡 is thrashing Puerto Ricans since he diverged all the FEMA money to his BS wall project.

It's his inhumane way of "justifying" that there won't be enough money left to actually help people in need.

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