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Android : Giuliani refuses to explain where the $500,000 he got from β€˜Fraud Guarantee’ came from - rawstory.com/2019/10/giulia…

Android : #Epstein #Wexner #Maxwell

Why the silence on Jeffrey Epstein's brother, Mark?

He has to know a ton.

His name is on the ownership papers of 301 East 66 Street which was home to a lot of "models" and victims.

And he is also connected to a host of politicians.

Why the silence?

Android : And now, to distract from each new revelation about Andrew's sordid activities (and Fergie's, too), they're staging weekly 'reunions' and planting stories about how they are supposedly 'rekindling their romance'.

They've been 'getting back together' for months and years already! twitter.com/PeaceOnEarth22…

Android : Dr. Mike Babs1 Dame Alun Roberts Also they don't persue anyone anymore since the Portuguese supreme Court ruling.
Which stated the Mccanns are not ruled innocent in the disappearance of their daughter.
Abduction was investigated exhaustively with zero zilch nada none nil no evidence to substantiate it. No libel

Android : Anyone know an update to the below story. Thought last night was deadline date for him to confirm why it should be private business and not public knowledge #Arcuri Boris Johnson asked to explain order to keep Jennifer Arcuri letter secret mirror.co.uk/news/politics/…

Android : Another tragic outcome of the Jeffrey Epstein saga β€” the lawyers β€”- not his victims β€” will get all his money. He probably designed it this way because he never thought he did anything wrong. nytimes.com/2019/10/14/bus…

Android : Heres part of the letter Jeffrey Epsteins lawyers including Alan Dershowitz sent in 2007 during plea talks identifying EPSTEIN AS CO-FOUNDER OF CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE (also his charitable support for the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations lololol)