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iPhone : This is a terrible development - an intelligent daytime news programme that takes risks, doesn’t patronise the viewers and does things differently. It’s BAFTA winning piece on abuse in football was amazing and they’ve done fantastic journalism in the past 2 yrs. Victoria Derbyshire…

iPhone : If you have an interest in any / all of:
Tunnels, cycling, trains, northern infrastructure, architecture, engineering, community protest and bobble hats.
You may be interested in our #C4News film on the battle over Queensbury Tunnel…

Twitter Web App : Tom Forth I might print & laminate this to try and avoid ever doing the long-winded badly-explained ramble I do too often - on why calling it a 'north-south divide' misses the point.

iPhone : Cabal of Corruption This is the section of the report that deals with the meeting (excuse my scribbles - it was about 4am when I got to this page).
Also - annex page listing roles ⬇️

Dave Thompson has confirmed to us that he is ‘Chief Supt A’. But disputes the version of events.

iPhone : The pros and cons of HS2 - but from an eco perspective - coming up on Channel 4 News.

And I’m starting to think (in terms of its polarising effect) HS2 is a bit like Brexit.…

iPhone : Not seen any national front pages mentioning the Manchester grooming scandal tomorrow. Why? Is 57 potential victims not enough? Multiple institutional failures too boring? No longer news? Cba?

iPhone : Hadn’t twigged it was all up in one chunk..
nazir afzal prosecuted the men who raped & abused girls in Rochdale - overturning a previous CPS decision.
His knack for being reasonable & nuanced - while not pulling punches when stuff needs calling out - is quite something.…

iPhone : Today’s report will be gut-wrenching for many. Not just women & girls. & not just in Manchester or Rochdale or Rotherham.
Support can be hard to access.
But there are orgs trying make sure it’s available - inc Survivors Manchester & Maggie Oliver’s new one

iPhone : Not exactly light reading. But striking how much the #OpAugusta report counters the ‘it was a different time’ thing.

The investigation in 2004 was getting things right. The girls were treated as abused children - NOT as ‘troublemakers’ / ‘prostitutes’.…

iPhone : I’ve read a fair few reports on the way child abuse has been dealt with these last few years.
Even though - as the authors say - the #OpAugusta report is alarmingly familiar.
Even though Maggie Oliver & others have been saying it for years.

When it’s spelled out over 145pgs..…

iPhone : And this is the former detective who did. not. give. up. She was right.

Maggie Oliver on the truth finally coming out:…


For Sama has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the Academy Awards.

Directed by Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts. Produced by Channel 4 News/ITN Productions for Channel 4 and Frontline PBS.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING; Samira Ahmed has won her claim against BBC to be paid same for presenting Newswatch as Jeremy Vine was paid for presenting Points of View.…

iPhone : Someone just took a picture of me at the job centre. Another person said ‘are you the actual Laura?’ I’ve lost my job and unlike many in Parliament I don’t have a family fortune to fall back on. What do people expect you to do 🤷‍♀️Bizarre