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Bio Channel 4 News North of England Correspondent. Compulsive tea drinker. Lover of dance-offs. Lapsed janner/faux manc.
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iPhone : Natasha Carter Seriously.... what’s all the fuss about?

It’s totes the same here......

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iPhone : Glad & proud to say ⁦Channel 4 News) 's Twitter Profile">Channel 4 News⁩ 4th International Emmy for News in 7 years made it back from NYC. Congrats to all ⁦Channel 4 News) 's Twitter Profile">Channel 4 News⁩ especially the investigations unit as #Cambridgeanalytica wins only Emmy available to non US broadcasters against global competition.

iPhone : I’ve been sent a press release about the world’s longest turnip.

Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic. But when I clicked on the attachment I was slightly underwhelmed.

iPhone : It’s one thing to listen - and understand the upset and disillusionment.

It’s something else to tip fuel on it... and we have laws to deal with this stuff ⬇️…

iPhone : When it comes to racism, there’s no such thing as ‘impartiality’ – an open letter to the BBC | Afua Hirsch, Lenny Henry, Adrian Lester, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and 40 others…

iPhone : When you think about what those (mostly) older white men have got away with saying on the BBC and Twitter day after day this is a quite perplexing finding.…

iPhone : #ExBarmaid 🙋‍♀️

And in case I’m ever the subject of a sneering headline..
I was also a ‘checkout girl’ at a 24hr Tesco.
I worked in a BT call centre.
And in a pharmacy at weekends while at school.…

iPhone : I’m guessing it was just an average, uneventful Wednesday at work, Richard Frediani.... 🤷‍♀️

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Twitter Web App : Angry parent confronts PM on hospital visit-'The NHS has been destroyed you come here for a press opportunity."Mr Johnson; "there's no press here" but the parent gestured to cameras filming the confrontation and said:"What do you mean there's no press here, who are these people?"

Twitter Web App : The Twitter chat about bundle issues and computer glitches in the Supreme Court are all very amusing, but when it comes to the CJS it is a bit like complaining that your heated seat is a bit warm in your Rolls Royce to a man with no shoes.

iPhone : In Cornwall, the story goes that St Piran built a chapel in the dunes in Perranporth - and his first followers were a badger, a fox and a bear.

Now traps have been laid by the sett in Perranporth where the sand badgers live as part of the #badgercull…