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Twitter Web Client : Since beginning our #DivestFromWar work, 11 Reps have pledged to not accept campaign donations from the top five weapons’ manufacturers. Now that the Congressional landscape has changed, we need to ask new progressive members to sign the pledge:…

Buffer : “Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress, Tlaib captioned the photo, in addition to the hashtags #PalestinianThobe and #ForMyYama - which means mother in Arabic.” - Rashida Tlaib 🇵🇸 ☮️

Buffer : Shame on Enrique Iglesias, Amr Diab and The Black Eyed Peas for performing in repressive Saudi Arabia #boycottsaudiarabia…

Buffer : "Were it not for the U.S. support, the #Saudis would never have been able to launch this bombing campaign, much less keep it going for over three years" Medea Benjamin & @benjaminnorton #Yemen #YemenCantWait

Buffer : The #Palestinian Ministry of Education announced on Friday that Rana Ziadeh, a teacher from Gaza, has been nominated as one of 50 finalists for the “world’s best teacher prize”.

Buffer : Thank you, thank you!

In January we can have the house vote to help permanently end this atrocious war and hold Saudi Arabia accountable. #YemenCantWait…

Buffer : At Cal Poly’s fall career fair, students peacefully protested Raytheon for their complicity in the war machine. Now their school is threatening them! Tell Cal Poly President to drop all threats: #DivestFromWar

Buffer : Rashida Tlaib to wear traditional Palestinian gown when shes sworn into Congress

Buffer : How US-Saudi War Turned Yemen into the Biggest Crisis on Earth. Medea Benjamin discusses the US-Saudi war on Yemen and attempts by peace activists and Congress to stop the conflict on The Real News: #YemenCantWait

Buffer : Jodie Evans on Twitter……

Buffer : Israeli forces shot and killed a teenager in Jalazone refugee camp as the military cracked down on the Ramallah area of the occupied West Bank after 24 hours of violence in which two soldiers and four Palestinians were killed.

Buffer : The war economy thrives on alienation, touch is the gift of connection. The connection between the giver and the receiver expands us to feeling the connection to all things. Stay present for the flow of that touch back to you.…

Buffer : #Yemenis Speak Out: “Families have nothing to eat; people are eating leaves. There is no urgent effort to help these people.” #YemenCantWait

Buffer : 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died in Border Patrol custody - Who are we that we are not taking care of the children? This is outrageous! #JusticeforJakelin and all those seeking refuge.

Buffer : Marc Lamont Hill was featured on hip-hop radio show The Breakfast Club discussing Israels occupation of Palestine, the importance of speaking up against injustice, and being fired from CNN.

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Buffer : Hey #NewCongress, follow @rashidatlaib and @ocasio2018 lead: Skip AIPAC’s propaganda trip to Apartheid Israel! #SkipTheTrip

Buffer : Supporters of the anti-BDS bill in Congress aim to quash any discussion of Palestinian rights and the occupation, in the hope that the Palestinian people and their movement for freedom will simply go away…

Buffer : Students at New York University have demanded divestment from corporations that profit from Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. But NYU’s administration has expressed a determination to keep investing in firms that supply Israel with weapons.

Twitter Web Client : Warren Kanders, the Whitney’s vice chairman, owns a company that manufactures law enforcement gear—including the tear gas being used at the border. On Sunday, protesters with #DecolonizeThisPlace took to the museum to demand his resignation