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iPhone : You need to love yourself at 100% before you can allow someone else to love you.

If you only love yourself at 20% and somebody comes in and loves you at 30%, you feel on top of the world, when in reality..... it’s literally not even half.

Love yourself first. -Daniel Sloss

iPhone : retweet if you're

- gay
- depressed
- stressed over finals
- gay
- in love with someone you can’t have
- insecure
- gay
- broke
- heartbroken
- over thinking
- gay

no one will know which one you picked

iPhone : I love the fact that everyone is doing these “Last to leave ____ Wins $10,000 (for themselves)” videos when last year I chose to stay in a cage for 151 hours to raise money for charity.

Wish that became the December trend instead.

iPhone : roses are red❤
ur a thot🤢
my names Jake Webber🤝

no name

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iPhone : Me: *sets dish in the sink and tries to run into my room as fast as possible so i dont have to wash it*

Them: hey can you do up the dishes?


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iPhone : do u ever have a crush on someone and your heart goes: 💖💕💛💞💓🦋💓💛💞💕🦋💖✨🦋💕✨🦋💕💖🦋✨💖✨💛💓🦋💕💞💖💛🦋✨💓

and their heart go: