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Bio Designer, writer, occasional speaker. Director of New Adventures @naconf.
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iPhone : I’ve decided to setup a community with J.P. Aulet for tech people who want to have a positive impact by helping prevent earth’s climate breaking down.

You can find out more, join and start taking action here:

RTs appreciated 🌏🖖

iPhone : Leevi Graham The majority of Brits still think coffee should taste like instant mud; it’s the ‘third place’ to chat and work they care most about. Luckily most towns have at least one good coffee shop. Where are you?

Twitter Web Client : Women of Twitter!

We're starting a new company that empowers women to negotiate their salary and benefits when they start a new job. Lets close that pay gap!

Please help us by spending 5 short mins answering some questions about you and negotiation.

iPhone : I watched Marsh Harriers hunting by the River Alde this afternoon; v cool bird I’ve wanted to see since I was a kid. Passers-by invited me to watch with their powerful bins. Chuffed.

Twitter Web Client : Ben Bodien Mark Boulton Agree with Ben. Takes time to unearth its power, but I don't miss Everbloat. I've a paid workspace for NAconf as that's weighty and needs infinite 'blocks', and I created free (limited blocks) spaces for personal, biz, etc. You can add as many free workspaces as you need.