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Bio Designer, researcher, writer, occasional speaker. Director of New Adventures @naconf (early bird tickets for 2020 now available).
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Twitter Web App : Jen Mussari Me, and lots of others I know. My websites will be unavailable all day, and I'll be making noise in the city square.

iPhone : If you want to read up on New Adventures or intend to grab your early bird this week, aim to do so today — we're closed all day tomorrow.…

Twitter Web App : Both my site and New Adventures will be closed for the #ClimateStrike on Friday. Ill also be joining the strike in Nottinghams old market square, 11am.

If possible, prepare your site, and locate your nearest protest.

Twitter Web App : Do you run regularly / semi-regularly? Do you want to help your old buddy, Cam Cam out? Then take this survey about your running habits! Thank you for your kindness.

Twitter Web App : Master colour accessibility, communicate message and meaning through colour and build harmonious, appropriate palettes for your target audience. All of this and more with Geri Coady (ジェリー)'s colour workshop.…

Twitter Web App : Holger Bartel I just subscribed by pasting your URL and it found a feed, but all pre-2013 content. There's clearly very recent stuff on your site. Viewing source reveals feeds with varying content. What's the correct feed for the latest posts?

Twitter Web App : Brian Suda Do you have a preferred English language source for Iceland news and/or music/art/culture? I'm so out of the loop these days.

Twitter Web App : BTW, I'm very happy to be using NetNewsWire again as my desktop reader (iOS app imminent, apparently). Also still enjoying Feedly across devices.

Twitter Web App : RSS makes so much sense these days: cut through the noise, curate your sources, read voices you value, consume at your own pace.

What are your must-follow feeds? What are you publishing?

Plug: I'm writing regularly again; subscribers welcome!

Twitter Web App : Did something dumb. Used an iconic image by a photographer I admire but didn't license it.

He emailed me, I licensed it. He deserves to make a living from his work, and my own work's been copied many times so I should know better.

Anyway, yeah, he emailed me 😎