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iPhone : Michael Giardi Nathaniel Tolliver He’s lost it. Like Trump kind of lost it. He’s seriously off his meds or something.

The worst part of all of this is he’s actually a helluva player! But no, he won’t be remembered for that. He’ll be remembered (infamously) for his antics and for what’s in the news.

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iPhone : Nathaniel Tolliver I said the same thing in the beginning of all of that. People were all “He screwed us over” etc

No. I truly believe he would have played out this year if he didn’t KNOW for a fact that we’d be golden.

We’re golden! Love me some Jacoby Brissett !!!! 💙🏈

iPhone : Teresa Stelling He definitely should be hooking his parents up now that he has a few bucks! He owes them a lot just for feeding him!

Teenage boys can eat anyone out of house and home but I’m betting he equal to ten teen boys by himself! Lol

iPhone : Terra Jolé Auto immune disease = pink eye ?!??

You seriously need to do some research. I’d love for my auto immune to “just” be pink eye...