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Bio If you don’t know the legend in my profile pic, we can’t be friends. 😂💙Biggest Colts fan in the Universe. (Notice how thats even bigger than the World!) :)
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iPhone : Cody Felger And completely off topic, but I’ve been on the Reece Fountain train since day 1! Well technically before day 1! He’s special! I WANT him with my colts but I want him to succeed. Great kid, great mom, FAST feet, Velcro gloves. I feel like he gets over-looked. #WRGirl

iPhone : You can hang out with ONE Indianapolis Colts player (current or former) Who do you pick? And if you want, what do you guys do all day??

Before I post I’ll make a prediction that my all-time favorite Colt will be the winner. We shall see!

#Colts #ColtsNation #ColtsForged

iPhone : some dude Scott I have avoided fb last two days (except a page I have, “Yep, I said that”) my personal page is where I usually play nice. (Family, patients etc) Twitter I can just be. Fb is acting like they’re all in the left lane going 55. 😡😡😡

iPhone : Kim Nguyen Wellll. Potatoes peeled, onion peeled and chopped. All four burners going. Eventually smoked sausage mashed tators green beans and Mac and cheese will be in my belly.

I really would have been good with a pbj lol