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Twitter Web Client : Goblin performs the theme of Dario Argentos Profondo Rosso on Italian television, 1975/76

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Twitter Web Client : Nicolas Cage and John Travolta on the set of John Woos Face/Off

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Twitter Web Client : Capitalist overproduction does not result in any kind of broad-based prosperity. They will literally destroy the "excess" commodities produced in order to reduce supplies to a profitable level of scarcity.…

Twitter Web Client : Former MSNBC producer on how network routinely received orders from management in the build up to Iraq War to stack segments with right-wing voices…

Twitter Web Client : Welcome to the very first new Much the Millers Son story since 2010! Its exciting, not to mention a little intimidating, to be back after all this time. I hope you enjoy it! #muchthemillersson #robinhood #independentcomics #cloudscapecomics

Twitter Web Client : if even Nile Rodgers couldn't kick off the big revival, nothing could. Ace song though, has the soulful feel that Bruno Mars' "i'm rich and in the club" horseshit does not. Plus Teddy Riley, whoooooo…

Twitter Web Client : theory: the meme about Media Studies being a useless degree with no value to society has led directly to a society where virtually nobody has a decent level of media literacy