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iPhone : [after causing trouble]

iida: how on earth would you lot explain this kind of behavior?

sero: i’m gonna have to say verbally.

kaminari: because judging by that tone of voice–

mina: —you might not be in the mood for the dance number we’ve prepared.

iPhone : [ at the infirmary because midoriya got injured ]

all might: don't worry young man. when you break a bone, it will typically heal stronger!

midoriya: oh! then i should break every bone in my body until i become more powerful!

all might, softly: no, please don't

iPhone : todoroki: excuse me, i lost my cats. may i make an announcement?

store clerk: of course.

todoroki: [leans into the mic] WSWSWSWSWSWSWS

iPhone : kaminari, laying in bed: sero, can we go to a haunted house this halloween?

sero: what’s wrong with the haunted house we live in?

kaminari, terrified: what?????

sero, closing the door as he leaves the room: goodnight kaminari

iPhone : yaoyorozu, teaching todoroki to drive: okay, you’re driving, and midoriya and bakugou walk into the road. quick, which do you hit?

todoroki: oh, definitely bakugou. i could never hurt midoriya

yaoyorozu, massaging her temples: the brakes. you hit the fucking brakes.

iPhone : jirou: you know what i’ve always wondered? how do tall people actually sleep at night when the blanket cant possibly cover you from head to toe?

yaoyorozu: it’s 4:00 in the morning.

jirou: so... you can’t sleep, huh?


jirou: is it because of the blanket?

iPhone : kirishima : what if we inverted our initials? erishima kijirou

mina : aina mshido

sero, laughing : hero santa!

testutestu : tetsutetsu tetsute–

tetsutetsu : this is a stupid game anyway

iPhone : iida, pulling out a box: we are going to put everything we love in this box.

uraraka: can i put midoriya in the box?

iida: no.

todoroki: can i put midoriya in the box?

iida: we won’t be putting midoriya in the box!

midoriya, already sitting in the box:

iPhone : todoroki: i feel... sad.

midoriya: i have emotional jumper cables! i’ll boost you. just attach like so…

todoroki: this is just a hug.

midoriya: is it working?

todoroki, smiling: yeah

iPhone : todoroki : nothing is better than winning against you guys in monopoly

midoriya : have you seen good pizza..?

todoroki : have you seen bakugou's face when I own half the board?

iPhone : bakugou : pikachu's doing this stupid voiceover thing now and he narrates everything he thinks

kaminari, speaking dramatically : denki did not enjoy what his bitter friend had to say

bakugou : do not dare do another voiceover.

kaminari :

kaminari : but denki had to dare.