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iPhone : bakugou: do you have any chicken or pork

waitress: no, but we have beef.

bakugou: oh WE have beef huh? you trying to fight? kirishima hold my breadsticks.

iPhone : i kept seeing a lot of posts about the proto!main characters so i felt like making a katsuyami tweet. if you dont know about them, akatani/yamikumo is like midoriya, but more edgy and katsuki was supposed to be a natural-born genius + an airhead. i love them.

iPhone : kaminari: hey iida can you do me a favor real quick?

iida: uh, sure i guess?

kaminari: cool, i just need you to say "i'm gonna" loud enough for everyone to hear

iida: okay

iida: i'm gonna

the rest of class 1-A, all at the same time: TAKE MY HORSE TO THE OLD TOWN ROAD

iPhone : kaminari: hacker voice. i'm in

sero: i don't think you're supposed to say ‘hacker voice’ out loud

kirishima: all he did was open google

Twitter for iPad : [aoyama in an interview]

interviewer: what is your greatest strength?

aoyama: getting out of corn mazes

interviewer: and your weakness?

aoyama: i keep finding myself in corn mazes

interviewer, realizing he's in a corn maze: what the heck?

aoyama: it's my time to shine ✨

Twitter for iPad : forgot to post this a while back but heres a series i did of bnha characters in outfits from foundongrailed

Twitter for iPad : kaminari: so here’s the tea

bakugou, frustrated: for the last time, it’s called a mission report.

kaminari: do you want the tea or not

Twitter for iPad : midoriya: [sends todoroki a picture of animals doing something cute] look, it’s us!

todoroki: awwww

todoroki: [adds midoriya to a list titled Furry Suspects]