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Twitter for iPad : I think Trump is unraveling and getting desperate. He’s doing everything he can to undermine our #Constitution’s checks and balances. He knows that if he actually complied with our subpoenas and turned over evidence he’d be done for. #ImpeachmentInquiry

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Twitter for iPad : My father raised my brothers and I with dignity and honor.

So, I will not dishonor them by giving you the respond you deserve.

But I will pray for your disturbed and filth mind.…

Twitter for iPad : I’m tired of learning new names. I’m tired of Black people becoming hashtags instead of living full lives. I’m tired of the trauma. I’m tired of realizing we aren’t even safe in our own homes.

I’m tired.

Say her name: #AtatianaJefferson

Twitter for iPad : I’m honestly not sure how our international reputation recovers from this tragedy.…

Twitter for iPad : Here is President Trump, clearly alarmed that our troops are under attack by Turkey, and that the allies who defeated ISIS for us are being slaughtered.


Twitter for iPad : Structural evil looks like this: Caging children in concentration camps. Turning a blind eye to state-sponsored murder of a columnist. Green lighting genocide. Leaving your own troops at risk. Laughing it up with dictators. Celebrating mass murder on video…

Twitter for iPad : Constituent Erik Mercer asked to speak to Sen. Susan Collins. She agreed. He asked her questions. She didnt answer. Then she called him rude.

Mainers shouldnt have to take out full-page ads to get their senator to talk to them.


Twitter for iPad : Screenwriter: " then, all the mobbed up crooks conspiring with the sitting president to steal another election show up at the funeral of a former president--"

Movie studio: "Lose that scene. It's way over the top and completely unbelievable."…

Twitter for iPad : Anyone seen @RedTRacoon?

Twitter for iPad : Trump and his toadies in the Republican party deserve no mercy for the totally predictable outcome of Donald protecting his Trump Towers in Turkey by agreeing to this invasion and withdrawing our troops. Shameful.…

Twitter for iPad : The Q every journalists should ask GOP & Trump Surrogates this week.

Since we have proof of both abuse of power & obstruction of justice against this President, please tell me if you still support him, & if so, what must he do to lose your support?

Ask it verbatim. Repeatedly.

Twitter for iPad : PLEASE🙏🏽... RT this update:

Vehicle is possibly a 2001-2006 blue/green Toyota Sequoia or 4Runner with blue or brown trim, occupied by a white female and black male.…