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Twitter Web App : We just released testimony of Lt. Col. Vindman and Dr. Fiona Hill, two patriotic public servants.

This is first-hand testimony on how the levers of government were abused to help the president politically, at the cost of our national security.


iPhone : Lawyers for impeachment witness Charles Kupperman wont withdraw lawsuit questioning lawfulness of testimony /// Dr. Kupperman stands ready, as does Ambassador Bolton, to testify if the Judiciary resolves the conflict in favor of the Legislative Branch…

iPhone : I could bodily feel my IQ dropping with every second of this.

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Twitter Web App : This needs waaaaay more attention than Michael Bloomberg.

In a “pathbreaking” ruling, a federal court is holding the Trump administration accountable for inflicting harm on children and families.

Here’s the court order:……

iPhone : NEW: This is Maricruz Abarca, a student in Baltimore who hopes to become a lawyer. She is also a “dreamer” facing an uncertain future as the Supreme Court hears President Trump’s bid to end the program that allows her to live & work legally

iPhone : Feeling a bit dizzy trying to get a grip on who even half of the players are in #Ukraine #ImpeachmentInquiry?

Me too.

Thankfully, the excellent Kate Brannen to the rescue with this truly amazing Chart.…

iPhone : Cool little thread from a law professor who studies complex litigation — with a little historical twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.…

Twitter for iPad : Don’t feel bad for him. He deserves every bit of public humiliation he gets. And trouncing him at the polls is a way of showing him he doesn’t belong anywhere near public life or elected office.

Twitter for iPad : This embarrassment of a campaign launch video from Jeff Sessions is a relatively small price to pay next to the atrocities he’s responsible for.

Like giving the world Stephen Miller. Or rescinding protections for #DACA recipients. Or providing legal cover for family separation.…

iPhone : Someone in my mentions, soon:

“A constitutionally prescribed judicial appointment mechanism can’t be corrupt, dummy. This is what the Framers designed.”

Sit down, please.

iPhone : It’s a corrupt and perfectly constitutional form of bribery — a grand bargain that Republicans are way too invested in to reject.

It would be against their principles to impeach and remove a president who has given them everything they’ve longed for: control of the judiciary.