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Bio Senior Lecturer in Geography and Director of the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge, conservation social scientist, blogger, dad.
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Android : It is vital that people and their livelihoods are put in the centre of #conservationdecision making. Disregard of the people will result in conflict, violence and human rights violations. #ConSocSci…

Twitter Web App : "As long as we are competing for the title of “greener than thou,” or are paralyzed by shame, we aren’t fighting the powerful companies and governments that are the real problem. And that’s exactly the way they like it." Fantastic The New York Times article from Emma Marris (as always)…

Android : Turns out I'm an extremist! Who knew? Here's an eg of an institution sticking their heads extremely far in to the sand with foot simultaneously in mouth. Australia is on fire; worst drought in 4 decades in Zambia; temp records routinely broken #ActNow #XR…

Twitter Web App : Many local #Ugandans felt their #cultural #heritage had been damaged by #Kalagala and #Isimba #dams flooding their #sacredsites (green=damaged). Must be accounted for in #NNL #offset policies (may be impossible).… Julia Baker Darwin Initiative funded work

Android : I love this. Many of these ideas about rewarding collegiality rather than toxicity are built in to the new senior promotions scheme at Cambridge launching next year. Let's see if it works!…

Twitter Web App : Dan Brockington I saw they had used your title - cheeky! My suggestions:
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2. A tale of two CITES
3. Around the World Conservation Congress in eighty days
4. Roses are red listed
5. The rise and fall of the British Empire