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iPhone : As a kid I struggled with street life as depicted in West Side Story because well tough guys just don’t sing on their way to a fight.

iPhone : It’s funny the biggest reason to buy Greenland would be climate change but also the people who want to buy Greenland don’t believe in climate change.…

iPhone : Damn! I feel like that doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

I’m not overly friendly or stand offish from my neighbors. I keep it civil and keep walking.…

iPhone : Proud boys are bunch of punk ass bitches cosplaying and fighting with other cosplaying bitches.

I’ve done the research and your tweet is nonsense. If I’m wrong point me to the counter research you allege. No you tube links.…

iPhone : I don’t understand how they have planned protests that seem to be planned battles?

Portland is weird!

I’m not against people protesting or rallying but these planned pitched battles don’t make sense.…

iPhone : Geez! This dude pissed in his mouth and is running for Congress? I’d ask if we could do better but...Staten Island is going to Staten Island.…

iPhone : Sometimes you just need that extra little push...

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iPhone : Mark Pitcavage I don’t follow Q.

I do think something like the Epstein conspiracy confirms a lot of their world view in regards to council on foreign relations, trilateral commission, bohemian grove and Bilderberg beliefs.

So I’m not surprised it might feverish right now.

iPhone : Not to mention this rapist lady was reading: “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,”

So the bone broken on Epstein’s throat is common in homicide the same bone that wasn’t broken on Eric Garner and the reason given he wasn’t choked by NYPD


iPhone : I’m still pissed Epstein is dead! Why is she free?

So much coverage takes the anger from the victims and makes it about Elite people getting away with things normal people don’t.

Normal people don’t want to do these things and get away with it. They want to see it ended…

iPhone : I’m welcomed in church, in my community, in my family and with my friends.

That you need kinship to hold a political opinion is weird.…

iPhone : I know people who buy weed illegally and say “obey the law” when it comes to victims of police misconduct.

I don’t know that it makes them tight assed but it seems a hypocritical jerk view to hold.…

iPhone : cknight6827 R Jones New York Mets I agree I’m not burying Mickey. Let’s be honest except ownership you can’t blame one person.

This rotation could be dangerous in the playoffs. I’d roll the dice to see if we could get there.

I know teams don’t even really consider that these days.