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Twitter Web App : first of all, i’m not a hood rat twitter.com/CarlLately/sta…

Twitter Web App : loosely related but an example of what i’m talking about twitter.com/20thgrader/sta…

Twitter Web App : cp. She lost me there. I thought she was going to point towards the professional benefits and how those connections may be able to get you in doors that you may not be able to enter alone

Twitter Web App : R. listen. it’s almost 20 years later and crazy in love is still getting shoved down our throats. the hustle never stops!

Twitter Web App : they are. many of them basically foreign investment properties. used solely as a place to hold their money. twitter.com/__SoulFlower/s…

Twitter Web App : non-Black women aren’t the gatekeepers to platonic intimacy. 😂

Twitter Web App : i see where she’s trying to go with that thread. but we don’t “need” to develop friendships with women from other races to experience intimacy.

Twitter Web App : Black women need black women friendships.
But we also need friendships with women of other races. Don’t take this the wrong way but, a lot of them haven’t been through what we have, so they can love more openly. Sometimes they help us learn how to love again or be open to it.

Twitter Web App : Men are able to function in & out of relationships because they don’t give up their hobbies , ditch friends or anything else that makes them happy.
Women make the mistake of making their man their whole life & should the relationship end.. they’re lost trying to create a new life

Twitter Web App : Did you give your workers raises? twitter.com/PopeyesChicken…

Twitter Web App : People protest NYPD policing the MTA by mass hopping the turnstiles

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Twitter Web App : the whole team on video with your coworker being sexually inappropriate for halloween. so now everybody getting a paper trail.

written-up and mandatory training and maybe leave w/o pay. please stop playing at y'all place of business. 😂

Twitter Web App : lol his coworkers over there cackling and shit and my ass would've been walking back into my office like pic.twitter.com/Bp4vYeekz4

Twitter Web App : HR ain't never had an easier termination to write up in they life twitter.com/therealkaysian…

Twitter Web App : but refused to promote her damn single 😩 twitter.com/lemonadenorman…

Twitter Web App : not gonna hold y’all but smothered turkey wings deserve a fair mention here twitter.com/MzDeeDei/statu…