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Twitter Web Client : #Libya- UAV footage released by #GNA Operation Volcano of Wrath purportedly showing precision airstrike on #LNA target in Qasr bin Ghashir, ~20 km south of #Tripoli and just north of Tripoli International Airport

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Twitter Web Client : The weeping “what about the dead babeeeez” pro-lifer is the worst kind. She prioritizes the fetus because it is NOT a person: an abstract fetish onto which she can project her Rightness. Far easier than the messy business of showing true Christian love to a living human stranger.

Twitter Web Client : NEW: In email to staff, The Guardian says it’s changing the style guide when reporting on climate change...

- “Climate emergency, crisis” instead of “climate change”

- “Global heating” instead of “global warming”

- “Climate science denier” instead of “climate sceptic”

Twitter Web Client : Here’s a video of a guy putting a camera on a sushi conveyer belt. It’s wonderful. Every table has a little story!

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Twitter Web Client : #Breaking - Dutch spy agency investigating alleged #Huawei 'backdoor' - Huawei has a hidden “backdoor” on the network of a major Dutch telecoms firm, making it possible to access customer data, newspaper De Volkskrant said on Thursday…

Twitter Web Client : In the end, it is not about whether you are for or against abortion, or what your faith says about when human life begins - it is a about who gets to make the incredible personal decision involved. And that decision should be left ultimately to the woman herself.

Twitter Web Client : He was called one of the hardest men to kill in NATO by former Chief of the Defense Staff General Hillier: meet MCpl Stuart MacNeil, survivor of not 1 but 3 IED explosions in Afghanistan. #MyCAFStory #Afghanistan #WeAreNATO

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Twitter Web Client : There is no limit for the stupidity of these religious parents. Before having child use your brains idiots. Its so disgusting its not funny.

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Twitter Web Client : Corinna No kidding. seriously though if you look at the comments by the elected officials there it explains alot. Alabama is really a third world country we happen to own