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iPhone : the internet we’ve built is so predicated on invading your privacy that companies that don’t even advertise with porn sites are tracking porn browsing behavior…

iPhone : Should note Facebook and Google denied that potential information collected by their trackers on pornography websites was used for creating marketing profiles. Oracle, a data broker in its own right, didn’t respond to requests for comment

iPhone : New from me: Researchers scanned 22,484 pornography sites and found a lot of Facebook Google and Oracle trackers.…

Twitter Web Client : deleted tweets abt FaceApp bc the 1st was picking up steam & i felt it was being interpreted differently from how i intended! My frame of reference for them came from reporting i'm doing on diff apps accessing data/ sending it places we wouldn't assume (3rd parties, not govts).

Twitter Web Client : libby watson I truly don't think it's a Russian op. I meant it to suggest that, if you're really mad about privacy violations coming from your backyard, you should be just as wary and outraged about random apps whose origins you haven't looked into.

Twitter Web Client : libby watson depends. Germany has stricter privacy protections. not suggesting that the russian govt is looking at your photos. i'm not fearmongering - i don't think its outrageous to suggest that other countries have different privacy standards ppl should get in the habit of looking at those

Twitter Web Client : libby watson that's not the intention of my tweet. if i wanted to say that, i would have. i'm not being coy or disingenuous. ive spent the last 4 months receiving emails from people who're shocked that things they download come from unexpected places. i think this is a good example of that

Twitter Web Client : I've had hundreds of people email me in the 4 months since we started the Privacy Project asking to know how they can protect themselves from having their personal information siphoned away to shady areas of the internet. This is an easy way!

Twitter Web Client : I completely understand that it's nearly impossible to protect your data around the web. And the burden shouldn't be on the user. But downloading/not downloading apps is a really concrete way to protect your privacy. It's a rare situation where the user is in control.

Twitter for iPad : "What about a parallel dimension where Roger Stone did this and then the judge told him his was legally barred from posting?" - my 100% destroyed twitter brain…

Twitter Web Client : Interviewing hate leaders is not a binary. It's about context as well as the medium. Are there situations where what you could learn offsets the bit of your platform you cede to them? Yes (increasingly few at this point!) But, man..TV sound bytes do not feel like those situations

Twitter Web Client : head should go straight to bagel boss on hannity -> bagel boss hosting the 5 --> Rep. Bagel Boss (R-NY) --> Fmr House Speaker Bagel Boss launches his own cryptocurrency that is powered exclusively by liberal tears....AND YET