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Bio writer-at-large for The New York Times Opinion page. I cover the information wars. DMs open.
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iPhone : missed a whole day of news working on stuff and it seems like enough impeachment related stuff happened that i might as well give up keeping up and just wait for the end! see you never!

Twitter Web App : its not important how i got here but this site which is just a mashed-together paragraph of all kids of standard poetry.

Twitter Web App : isn't all the sharing of text messages on cable news and publicly asking world leaders to investigate in front of tv cameras just a way to flood the zone/shift expectations for the base? eg. it's not a scandal if they'll do/say it in public!

Twitter Web App : 19 years ago today. #Jeopardy

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Twitter Web App : jasoneshelly Brandy Zadrozny every single aspect of it feels bad and wrong to me rn (some obviously way worse than others). the grifters, the covg, the people who stand outside to yell fuck you at him. it all feels like the worst version of something familiar

Twitter Web App : this has long been a favorite genre of worthless tweet for me. But I especially like in this one how 2 of the 3 listed participants would likely be spending 80% of their energy writing indulgent 30k word essays about cancel culture…

Twitter Web App : also, you can make a convincing case that no tech company has handled their platform scale problems more clumsily (and w/ less introspection) than YT. So is the list like...who cares if they're not good at their job...they've got a lot of power/influence?

Twitter Web App : used to just not care about power lists like this but now im basically...offended by them? all they do is hype up conferences where nobody interrogates these folks. its so a pub can cozy up to powerful ppl by making them feel good. basically opposite of what we're supposed to do?…

Twitter Web App : Peter Kafka all i want is to place an order and have a fancy chryon flash across the screen announcing: WARZEL TO INVESTIGATE THIS PLATE OF WINGS

Twitter Web App : personally i'm holding out hope for the 2010s revival of this but for cable news. i've always wanted to share jalapeno poppers with my pals in THE SITUATION ROOM WITH WOLF BLITZER…