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Bio We have a morally bankrupt ‘leader’ • GOP members are complicit in destroying our Democracy• 2020 is OUR year to start healing as a nation• #Unity
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iPhone : Dummy Beto is trending, I thought I would share reason why I support Beto ORourke ♥️

Hes honest
Hes calling out racism & injustices
Hes calling out Trump for being a white supremacst
Hes going to end the gun violence epidemic
Hes got ♥️ he cares for fellow human beings

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iPhone : Trump picked a fight w the smartest guy in the room
Pretty sure Trump is mad bc Dummy Beto called Trump a White Supremacst

Beto ORourke is right, Our President is a White Supremacst
Dont take my word for it.
Listen to Trumps own words

Im a proud supporter of Beto ORourke

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iPhone : Saul Good You need to change your bio. Because you clearly are a R. Regardless of you politics RBG has been decent. She may be liberal leaning, but she’s a person, with feelings. You’re assessment that she’s going to ‘leave’ the court soon, is everything that’s wrong with this country

iPhone : He’s a miserable fuck whose representative of a particular mindset those of us with some familiarity w/Texas & the White South in general can appreciate. Chicago isn’t big enough to house all the “Teds” in Texas. I say build tent cities on the Mexican boarder, cage them there. twitter.com/rojorurba002/s…

iPhone : You mean support YOUR president like North Carolina Republicans did by sneaking a bill that had no bipartisan support through their state’s legislature while everyone was supposed to be at a 9.1.1. memorial service? That was rich. Very. YOUR party has no moral compass guiding it. twitter.com/myteresadampie…