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Bio Newbie Game Designer/Electronic Music Producer.
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Twitter Web Client : Happy #FirstDayOfSummer 🏖

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Twitter Web Client : #lowpoly carpenter bee robot with hammer sting. #gamedev #indiedev

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Twitter Web Client : One of the most remarkable inhabitants of the Kisiwan savanna, the powerful Zizare are the biggest creeping Temtem. Proud and territorial, they make for staunch friends.

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Twitter Web Client : Started on some fanart for Nytro, an upcoming and in-development Spyro inspired platformer. Its being developed by only a single guy! Check it out, its wicked!

Nytros creator: Ohira Kyou
Nytro Demo:
Nytro Patreon:

Twitter Web Client : Robert Fraser Honestly this sours my mood about the RT more than anything else that I've seen... that 99% of people backing it just don't give a shit what TFB gives them, as long as it's shiny and new and Spyro related...

Twitter Web Client : City Idk how you can't see there's a pretty big discrepancybetween the original design and the one we're getting in Reignited... for a lot of things, especially the Fire Wizards.

Twitter Web Client : Took less than 2 hours to throw a proper HD version of the Fire Wizard together in blender, get your shit together and stop arbitrarily redesigning things for the sake of it.

Twitter Web Client : Toys For Bob You guys seem to have a problem understanding what the original designs are suppose to look like, you seem to think those Fire Wizards in Skelos Badlands are rock monsters, they're not fam, they're not. And I don't see why you had to redesign them so drastically...

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Twitter Web Client : #lowpoly drill rocket chick robot made in #b3d. #gamedev #indiedev

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