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Bio Astronomer at Las Cumbres Observatory, physics faculty at UCSB. Sometime TV dude, and one half of @ScienceVsCinema.
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Twitter for iPad : Anyone else hoping #TheBatman is really Into the Batverse and it has all Batmen trying to out sulk each other, and then LEGO Batman and CG Adam West come in and steal the show? And Catwoman. Also, it is a musical. But a really good one.

Twitter Web Client : Besides Obama, a short list of your own dept heads who are on record as having grave concerns about Flynn and who either demonstrably told you or almost certainly did: Yates (Justice), Comey (FBI), Priebus (Chief of Staff), Clapper (DNI), Brennan (CIA). What happened to them?…

Twitter Web Client : This article! 🔥🔥🔥 Exactly how I feel -- TV shows can make you root for really awful people (e.g. Walter White, Tony Soprano), and when you're confronted with the cognitive dissonance, some people can't handle it.…

Twitter Web Client : These students are so good, they would fit right in at a professional observatory. And they had great presentation skills too. I even learned stuff from their talk, like new techniques for flatfielding, and even some stuff about supernovae (my own field) they had spectra on!

Twitter Web Client : Just saw a talk by high school students at The Thacher School (The Thacher School), and I was just blown away. They've roboticized their observatory, have improved their flat fielding, are studying supernovae, variable stars, exoplanets, AGN & are searching for supernovae and kilonovae!

Twitter Web Client : For those who missed #AmericanVandal, it is a (sadly) now-cancelled Netflix satire of #Serial and true crime shows, about getting to the bottom of who vandalized a high school with similar drawings. Yet again, reality meets satire and says, "Hold my beer!"

iPhone : The oil companies knew exactly what they were doing to the planet, so they lied to us and did it anyway. For a profit.…

Twitter Web Client : So Trump taking $1.6 billion from the Pell grant reserve to go back to the moon is like me taking $40 from one of my students and saying that with that I can fly to Europe.

Twitter Web Client : Cost estimates for the Apollo program range from $125 billion (Space Review) to $215 billion (NASA 2009 symposium) in today's dollars. Trump's proposed increase is ~1% of that.…

Twitter Web Client : The usually quoted number for Shuttle missions is about $500 million, but that's leaving out R&D costs. R&D costs still need to be paid on a new lunar mission.

Twitter Web Client : In fact, if you take the total cost of the Shuttle program, about $200 billion, and divide by the number of missions, 135, you get an average cost of $1.5 billion per shuttle mission, or about what Trump is proposing to add for one year.