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Bio Astronomer at Las Cumbres Observatory, physics faculty at UCSB. Sometime TV dude, and one half of @ScienceVsCinema.
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Twitter Web Client : devin faraci Think maybe Trump recently got downgraded to 4.5 star, not sure. Anyway I know for sure it doesn't have a casino. Lots of tips at -- in the forums there are all kinds of hints for gaming the system.

Twitter Web Client : Were saddened by the passing of Chris Kraft, our first flight director. He was a space legend who created the concept of Mission Control during the early human spaceflight program and made it an integral part of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. He was 95.

Twitter Web Client : Other ways the ancients knew the Earth was round: when sailing you can see lights on a hill or lighthouse before ground lights, the stars were different at different latitudes, and at the same time sticks in different cities cast different shadows.

Twitter Web Client : One of the ways ancient Greek philosophers knew the Earth was round was by observing the curved shadow of the Earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse. Today's @APOD has the best photo of that I've ever seen thanks to some HDR wizardry.…

iPhone : Words that will outlast humanity: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A. D. We came in peace for all mankind.” #Apollo50th

iPhone : I watched the documentary #Apollo11 on this 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, and wow is it incredible! Footage, images, and recordings you’ve never seen or heard, all integrated beautifully to tell the story exactly as it happened, as if you were there. A masterpiece.

iPhone : I know more than the average human about space toilets, having been shown how to use one by Mike Massimino for Known Universe, but I still learns a lot from this thread.…

Twitter Web Client : One of the most breathtaking images taken during #Apollo11 was this one of Earth from lunar orbit. Australia is visible on the left. #Apollo50th

Twitter Web Client : Scott Feinberg Sad to hear. The doc is indeed good, and explains that basically nobody who used to work with him will any more. But I guess this undercuts the message it was trying to project that he had grown from those days.