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iPhone : The “Homer Simpson may be an idiot, but at least he’s a good husband and father” crowd (who don’t know what words mean because, girl...what?!) won’t like hearing this 😂


iPhone : Want to feel real depressed? “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman basically describes Marge and Homer Simpson. She had an alcoholic father. Wanted more. Only difference is Homer is the breadwinner, they only made it as far as the other side of town and she never broke free. Happy Friday! twitter.com/everysimpsons/…

Twitter Web App : Angela Benander "Plus why had we "better go in disguise" if we go down in the woods today? That's a warning. Or a threat. Did the bears write this song? Are they taunting us?"
all thoughts I had.

Twitter Web App : Also that "The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day" song used to scare me. Because I assumed it meant "from the dead." Apparently, I was Amabella Klein as a kid, fainting in class due to my overwhelming anxiety that's 50% song lyrics, 50% my parents.


Twitter Web App : I still maintain I wasn't a weird kid for thinking this (*for thinking this* To be very clear) twitter.com/danblackroyd/s…

iPhone : Apparently Richard Dreyfuss has been quite candid about his battles with substance abuse. And (new topic) also living as a person with bipolar disorder. When it was still taboo to talk openly about these things. Dope. I like him even more now. ❤️


iPhone : Bette Midler is shaking her head like “I just knew he would be a goddamn mess, bless his heart.”


iPhone : I say all this to say...you’re right, white liberals. We need to be patient with white racists. They’re learning. Is six to eight weeks with their jaw wired shut long enough? Asking for a friend.

iPhone : Not all growth feels good. But it’s still growth. Like...learning as a white person that screaming “nigger!” at a Black person because you’re angry. That’s growth. And all it took for up I to learn to was having your jaw wired shut for 6 to 8 weeks. We all learn differently.

iPhone : I would. I’m a lover, not a fighter (read: my doctor told me I should avoid run ins with the criminal justice system.) Also I don’t have to. Odds are at least a few people who need it will run into that person willing to wire their jaw shut for them. So they can reflect. And grow

iPhone : I’m not naming any names. Mostly because we’re only allowed so many characters on here and it’s a lot of folks. But some people could benefit from the involuntary time to reflect that comes with not being able to speak because your jaw is wired shut.