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iPhone : I just asked my amazon alexa to find the film Annihilation... Fair to say it doesn’t understand Cockney very well...

iPhone : How about this for a cheap and easy lunch!

Season some chickpeas with Soy Sauce, Chilli powder & Garlic powder until caramelised. Chop some cherry tomatoes, lettuce and Avocado and place in the wrap on a bed of hummus, and there you have it. Proper naughty!

iPhone : Siri, show me a man who’s never mopped a day in his life:

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iPhone : When I was 14 we came on a coach trip from Yorkshire to see Arlene Phillips CBE ‘ GREASE at the dominiontheatre . Never in my wildest, most imaginative dreams could I ever have imagined I would have the privilege of… instagram.com/p/B4uM8z1HrBS/…

iPhone : VOTE OPTION 3

The government has opened a consultation on banning trophy hunting imports/exports.

Option 3 is for a TOTAL ban.

Please email Huntingtrophyconsultation@defra.gov.uk TODAY to say you support Option 3

#BanTrophyHunting #Option3

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