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Bio Investigative Humourist @arationalfear host. @fbiradio Board member. Nee @abc_comedy, @abcsydney, @fusionmedia, @ajplus, @hungry_beast. Cadigal sitter.
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Android : Warning: be cautious if listening with hot drinks; I just spat tea across the lounge room and nearly drowned from laughter.

#Satire twitter.com/newsfighterspo…

Android : It’s a bit windy in South Australia.


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Twitter Web App : Whatever happened to the Bermuda Triangle? When I was a kid, this was a big concern of mine. Also: falling in love with a man and finding out he was in a mob family and being possessed by the devil.

Android : The answer is NO Amy Harris! You were sued for defamation last week and now completely fabricating a story this week. What agenda sees you create such a fiction about Today?! I’m not sure which talent agent fed you this tidbit - but you’ve been used and played for a fool!

Android : 3 million Australians - & rising - living in poverty, failing economy, environment, infrastructure & one of the world’s slowest internets - but a token donation to a multi-billion dollar thought bubble to Mars! Truly unbelievable 🤦‍♀️ #auspol #insiders twitter.com/timwilsonmp/st…

Android : Latest Podcast ep out! Guest host Mark Humphries looks at ScoMo in Washington & the local reaction to the kids global climate strike!
Watch on youtube here: youtu.be/J7-N8HhYUqM #auspol traffic.libsyn.com/newsfighters/N…

Android : Been thinking about the protests demanding urgent action on climate change. They reminded me of the anti-Vietnam marches of my youth. Perhaps this is the issue (as anti-war was back then) that can unite people of goodwill to take back the power from the overpaid & over rated