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Twitter Web Client : “Brexiteers were conned!” they say.

Yeah mate, by you! You said you’d:

• Respect our vote
• Oppose a second referendum
• Leave the single market and customs union

Now you’re all calling for a 2nd vote – playing football with Britain’s biggest act of democracy!


Twitter Web Client : Denmark adopted one of the most ambitious carbon emission reduction targets in the world. A 2015 study in Ecological Economics found that their decarbonisation led to a substantial increase in the carbon intensity of its imports, wiping out any benefits.

Job losses for nowt. 🤷‍♂️ twitter.com/Conservatives/…

Twitter Web Client : I think by the end of the year we'll have a Jeremy Corbyn-led coalition government, electoral reform, no Brexit, a second Scottish referendum and the end of the Conservative Party as we know it. All because of our MPs and their failure to deliver Brexit, three years on.

Twitter Web Client : In 2015 Jo Swinson's mother had a brick launched at her car. Jo argued that the level of vitriol was becoming dangerous and was clearly unhealthy for democracy. So it's hypocritical and disappointing to see her stoking up resentment and anger like this to grab a few Remain votes. twitter.com/timesredbox/st…

iPhone : Happy birthday to everyone’s favourite libertarian and Mitt Romney obsessive Kate Andrews, we’re incredibly fortunate that, after studying here, she decided to stay and help us fight for freedom – God knows we need advocates of it – and she’s up there with the best in the biz!

iPhone : “We can win this argument big time – but first we must leave on October 31.”

⁦⁦Boris Johnson⁩ makes a firm, unwavering commitment to October 31 in this week’s Telegraph column. telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/…

iPhone : Not fact, actually. Major’s Tories got 14.1m votes and 42% share of vote in 1992. Brexit got 17.4m votes and 52% share. You should hire a fact checker. twitter.com/drphillipleemp…

iPhone : Erm yeah - and a woman who narrowly escaped being raped by John Worboys has now been driven from her home by a braying mob of left-wing demonstrators. Get your priorities right. twitter.com/petewishart/st…

iPhone : Ekrem Imamoglu won a surprise victory in March which was annulled after the ruling AK party complained.

They ran it again. He won. Again.

Are you listening Remainers?

They’re taking advice on rerunning elections only to lose them again from authoritarian Erdogan! twitter.com/BBCBreaking/st…

iPhone : I cannot imagine owt more awful than punishing parents who have worked their bums off all of their lives, to provide a better lot for their kids, just so that these Marxists can raise enough dosh to nationalise industries and send us back to loony 70s socialism. Totally grim. twitter.com/telepolitics/s…