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iPhone : Trump has absolutely changed the way the GOP talks about workers — remember when Eric Cantor thanked “job creators” for Labor Day? But he hasn’t suddenly turned it into a working class party.

iPhone : According to the 2016 exit poll, Trump lost voters with less than $50k household income by 12 points and lost union households by 9 points.

In 2018, pollsters didn’t ask union question, but voters making under $50k went Dem by 21 points.


iPhone : Sanders and Warren are in the exact same position: They have liberal GOP governors but MA/VT Dems have state legislative supermajorities. twitter.com/asinmarx/statu…

Twitter Web App : Harris talks specifically about an older black female voter she had canvassed, who couldn't believe that Obama was electable: "They're not gonna let him win."

Twitter Web App : Re Joker/Glitter, this is what I vaguely thought I'd remembered hearing a while back, but handy to have it spelled out: he doesn't get royalties from the track. latimes.com/entertainment-…

Twitter Web App : Harris reminds voters that she was in Iowa in late 2007 campaigning for Obama, then invokes the nervous conversations that Democrats had then and have now about a black candidate: "I can see it, but I don't know if my neighbors are ready."

iPhone : “What a week we’ve had!” Kamala Harris says in Des Moines. “We keep having weeks like this.”

“Shitstorms!” yells a dude in the crowd

iPhone : On the The Bulwark I talked with Wapo road warrior Dave Weigel about the buzz on the campaign trail ... and what Dem voters are really interested in.... Give it a listen...

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iPhone : My father raised my brothers and I with dignity and honor.

So, I will not dishonor them by giving you the respond you deserve.

But I will pray for your disturbed and filth mind. twitter.com/jjauthor/statu…

iPhone : Hard not to think of the peer review process as irredeemably broken now that we know the associate editor of Nature double-spaces after periods. twitter.com/Sukant_Khurana…

iPhone : .Beto ORourke tells staff during livestreamed meeting in El Paso: Some pundits, pollsters and reporters "in too many instances have defined this race between only two people. It’s easy, convenient and in some cases, it’s lazy. We’re gonna have to break through that."

Twitter for iPad : This is truly what’s playing in my head at all times

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