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Twitter Web App : A "second letter" should have no more formal effect as a communication than if the government catapulted a startled cow across the channel with #FetchezLaVache scrawled upon its side

Twitter Web App : Great Dr Catherine Haddon blog on the role of the Queen.

Fave line, which could apply to so many things in the last couple of years: "this scenario really ought to be inconceivable"


Twitter Web App : If this happened the EU should be aware that second letter is unlawful and of no legal effect

As EU is a creature of law, and we are dealing with a legal process, EU27 should disregard letter

Law here is established, and derives from a 1968 House of Lords case called... twitter.com/GeorginaEWrigh…

Twitter Web App : History becomes the mask worn by ideology, when it wants to be mistaken for experience. My New Statesman cover-story, on the false history behind The Myth of Global Britain. newstatesman.com/politics/uk/20…

Twitter Web App : The debate around covering the Benn Act feels a lot like that on climate change ten years ago. There are of course dissenters, inc in No 10 for their own reasons, but there is a knowable legal reality backed by an overwhelming consensus of those paid to study it. twitter.com/StandUp4Brexit…

Twitter Web App : This is an excellent post from Jeff King laying out very clearly the legal approach to no confidence, resignation, formation of an alternative government etc ukconstitutionallaw.org/2019/10/10/jef…

TweetDeck : 'It is highly unlikely that the Queen would want to interfere unless an alternative was clear.‘ V.clear and informative piece on the role of the palace in the controversy about the Benn Act. If the opposition want Johnson‘s premiership to end, they need to agree on a replacement. twitter.com/cath_haddon/st…

TweetDeck : It’s all Europe’s fault apparently - the arrogance and condescension (not to mention sheer lack of nous) by these Tories takes some beating. twitter.com/albertonardell…