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Twitter Web App : The Benn Act already does this

There’s nothing to turn down twitter.com/tnewtondunn/st…

Twitter Web App : Maybe those who told us Johnson would β€˜pull’ the bill Will now begin to develop a proper scepticism about the fact-free confections peddled by so-called β€˜senior sources’ in No 10...and start to do their job of finding out and telling us the truth

Twitter Web App : Because of the Benn Act, complemented by the UK government's averments to the Scottish court (Padfield), there is now nothing Johnson and Cummings will be able to do *if* EU27 now agree to extension to 31 January

They are locked in

Still an "if" though, so not quite there yet

Twitter Web App : This is huge

I did not expect it this quickly

Had Johnson proposed something more constructive to losing the programme motion than a tantrum and a sulk then EU27 would have held off

But he didn't

And so the adults went onto the stage

Brutal swiftness

Twitter Web App : Laughing like a drain

There is nothing Johnson and Cummings can now do, if European Council agree


There will be an Article 50 extension to 31 January

By automatic operation of the Benn Act, a statute of the UK's own sovereign parliament

Classic Dom twitter.com/eucopresident/…

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson is now reduced to asking EU what he should do next. One of many humiliations to come. Serial losers are not normally victors in disguise

Twitter Web App : Johnson's pointless posturing pause demolished in one swift tweet

#DomDrivel about risk of No Deal increasing and ramping up Yellowhammer exposed as hollow theatricality

Are you listening Laura Kuenssberg and Robert Peston ?

Time to stop falling for #DomSpin twitter.com/eucopresident/…

Twitter Web App : Brexiteer commentators will of course blame MPs for tonight's setback but I think Government has been own worst enemy, ultra aggressive and shifty tactics have meant MPs just don't trust Johnson and this is what drove Benn Act, Letwin amendment and tonight's programme motion vote