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iPhone : We’ve got a great lineup of speakers at Rally 4 Our Rights this Saturday.

We’ll have plenty of open mic spots as well though, so don’t just come and listen. Come and tell us about the rights you value, use and rely on that are under threat.


iPhone : PLEASE HELP! Maybe Im naive, but I want to try to help this 91-year-old Yorkshireman who lost his life savings - £15,000 - to callous, cowardly, con artists. Even if we cant get Jon his life savings back, I hope we can restore his faith in people. 🙏justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Y…

iPhone : Judges in Scotland’s highest civil court have said they will continue the case brought by petitioners seeking a ruling to compel prime minster to send a letter to EU asking for an extension to Brexit if no deal in place until October 21st

Android : No-deal Brexit a dangerously realistic scenario, European parliament told - theguardian.com/politics/live/…

Twitter Web App : No.10: Politicians mustnt pick and choose which votes they like. Asking voters if theyve changed their mind on Brexit is OUTRAGEOUS.

Also No.10: We really dont like the constraints the 2017 election result placed on us and want to ask voters for the third time in four years. pic.twitter.com/Tzdnsg6aia

Twitter Web App : I love this repeated use of the expression constitutional coup by Brextremists. Dont they understand that constitutional means lawful! Its unconstitutional actions that are not allowed - like the PM closing down Parliament for five weeks for no justifiable reason. twitter.com/SkyNewsPolitic…

Twitter Web App : I’m off for 25 hours for the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur. It’s a fast so unfortunately I can’t post my customary food emojis. For those who are involved fast well!

Twitter Web App : Turkish warplanes have started to carry out airstrikes on civilian areas. There is a huge panic among people of the region.

iPhone : If you sell goods in the UK, you may need to start using a new UK product marking after #Brexit. Watch our video to find out more about the marking and if you will need to apply it. Get more info: bit.ly/2lzveTv #BusinessGetReady

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Tweetbot for Mac : A fine new portrait of Sir Terence Etherton was commissioned by Grays Inn to mark his appointment as Master of the Rolls. It was unveiled at the inn last night. Also there was the artist, Keith Breeden RP. Photographs by Christopher Russell.

iPhone : This is todays Scottish judgment

Key paragraphs 8 to 10

No doubt that if extension request not sent in accordance with Benn Act then Court will make an order, maybe authorising request to be signed by a designated person

Court will look at situation on 21 October and decide twitter.com/SCTScourtstrib…

iPhone : And yes, not always unwitting. Many journalists happy to be stenographers. Some happy to amplify propaganda. But not all. The point here is if government leaks outrageous or obscene proposal, most reporters will feel compelled to report it. The manipulation originates at the top.

Twitter Web App : I repeat: Does anyone have time to tot up all the Trump tweets and policy moves, from a trade war weakening both China and US, to undermining EU and Nato, to stoking up Turkey and destabilising the Middle East, of which the principal beneficiary is Russia? twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews…

iPhone : Nobody Ive talked with in Geneva talks of the UK as a saviour of the world trade system, they see Brexit as being nationalist and protectionist. But only too happy if the UK wants to be constructive in the WTO, some point out we have done this in the past twitter.com/trussliz/statu…

iPhone : Such good news that Chris Mason is going to be the new presenter of Any Questions on Radio 4. Im really pleased for him. Weve known each other twenty years you know. Vive le #Brexitcast!

Twitter Web App : A few of our biggest (by value) food and indeed pharma firms meet the SME definition of less than 250 employees. The biggest ones could also simply reform as a set of smaller employee businesses. twitter.com/MehreenKhn/sta…

Android : the Ellen thing has been incredible to follow because originally I was fully ready to go hey its fine to do basic small talk with someone youre sat next to then she went full WHAT IF he is in fact my BEST FRIEND and honey, no, youve lost me, Im bowing out

iPhone : Nobody Ive talked with in Geneva talks of the UK as a saviour of the world trade system, they see Brexit as being nationalist and protectionist. But only too happy if the UK wants to be constructive in the WTO, some point out we have done this in the past twitter.com/trussliz/statu…

Twitter Web App : The process is completely other: leader of oppn is entitled to be considered, but its the person most likely to command confidence of the House who is invited to form a govt, and thats probably not him

Android : BREAKING: #YomKippur Shooting, Grenade Attack Kills 2 In #Germany

Several people injured, says #Halle police.
One suspect arrested.

Attackers fled in a car, police urge residents to stay indoors.

Suspects wore combat uniform - threw hand grenades.

#YomKippurAttack #Jewish

Twitter Web App : OKAY: I wrote about why Coleens investigation is truly high art and how social media has made everyone an expert sleuth


iPhone : Thoughtful and interesting compromise proposals on Ireland from Raoul. The suggestion for a more even-handed consent mechanism is good. Customs ideas also interesting but perhaps too much like past UK plans for AA, for the EU to buy them. CER twitter.com/RaoulRuparel/s…

iPhone : Barnier: [On the British proposals] to put things frankly and to try and be objective. We are not really in a position to be able to find an agreement.

Twitter Web App : Cabinet Secretary @MarkSedwill (PACAC 9/9/19)

Q: If theres a non-statutory VoNC which doesnt engage with terms of FtPA what happens after that?

A: Essentially, a non-statutory VoNC has political effect & then for political system to determine what follows from that..

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Twitter Web App : So many 2016 Leave voters like Adrian voted for something completely different to the monstrosity Brexit has become.

We owe each of them the chance to vote again in a confirmatory vote. In a democracy, citizens must always have the chance to change their minds. twitter.com/AdrianYalland/…

iPhone : Jane I think it did come from schools, but decades ago. The media culture is created by those who grew up with those stories as fundamentals in their understanding of what it was to be British/English

iPhone : Here speaks Tony Connelly who is the expert. This old Brussels hand says: it’s less about consent from a non functioning Stormont and all about CUSTOMS and a de facto border in Ireland 🇮🇪 Point fini! twitter.com/tconnellyrte/s…

Twitter Web App : Preparing for my first Constitutional Law lecture of the year Faculty of Law, in which we will be looking at the Cherry/Miller II case as a way into the contested and contestable nature of the UK constitution. Sometimes PowerPoint slides just write themselves.

iPhone : Note not a whiff here of the No 10 briefings that the Benn Act could somehow be ambiguous or unconstitutional (sic). The question is strictly one of timing. “This is a matter which can only be ascertained at midnight on 19 Oct.” twitter.com/SCTScourtstrib…

Twitter Web App : Jon Worth Theyll say: because we never had a proper majority because of anti-Brexit MPs like Grieve and Allen and PM who backed Remain and wasnt committed enough to the project, this time with Boris it will be different

Twitter Web App : Exclusive: Labour Party Irish Society writes to 19 Labour MPs who said they could back Johnsons plan, warning them itd be incredibly severe for NI

Whilst times are difficult, we must all remember that peace can never be the price to pay

Letter here:businessinsider.com/labour-irish-s…

Twitter Web App : John Goodenough, long overdue for the #Nobel, has got it - for lithium batteries. I interviewed him about the constraints of still researching at 96 - I dont take on new PhDs


Twitter Web App : Mr Justice Pepperall judgement on suspended MP Chris Williamsons legal case against Lab over his re-suspension to be made public on Thursday.

Twitter Web App : 226 polls since July 2017 - Leave ahead in just 7
74 polls in 2019 - Leave ahead in just 1

But remember: Brexit is the will of the people and must happen.

iPhone : The Go Home Office

The Windrush scandal was produced by the unforgiving grind of one departments official machine. Here is how it happened


Hannah Arendt, a philosopher who fled Nazi Germany, is one of the world’s greatest minds on the subjects of power, control and totalitarianism. The quote below should be read, re- read and shared. Its insight to Johnson & No 10’s current actions is terrifyingly real:

Android : SAVE THE DATE: 8 Nov 2019 - come and sing the Good Friday Agreement, a new choral composition based on Good Friday Agreement for #iPlay4Peace #concert4cooperation. Details to follow - but early evening in central/SW London likely. You dont have to be a good singer, just enthusiastic.

Twitter Web App : Uncivil Still Jon Worth But... as you say, it is true that they are squeezed on both sides... How far towards no deal do they have to do to get BP votes? And at what cost in the centre? I think a lot will depend on how the campaign plays out. 2/2

Android : Today in unusual reasons to back up your files: in case MI5 rock up and erase them in the interests of national security bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-no…

Twitterrific for iOS : The Grenfell Inquiry are planning on publishing the phase 1 report on 30th Oct. The day before Brexit!

We have waited a long time for this report, it cannot be allowed to be buried in Brexit!

We have written to the Chairman & urged him to reconsider.


Twitter Web App : The Opinion of the Court in DALE VINCE AND OTHERS against the Advocate General is now available at bit.ly/2VpQqJ6

iPhone : The point I have been trying to make for 3 years - you can have peace or you can have a hard Brexit but you can’t have both. Norway plus is possible but the zealots don’t want that. newstatesman.com/politics/stagg…

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson says “his is the party of the people.” 14 Million People living in poverty, Millions of food bank parcels handed out, soaring homelessness & malnutrition & a reduction in life our expectancy says otherwise. RT if you agree

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Twitter Web App : Weve had BT in and now our regular phone number doesnt appear to be taking incoming calls. We have a temporary number 02037951713

Twitter Web Client : Incredible briefing from No.10 endorsing scorched earth policies for international trade; oh and some wise words from Walter Lippman. blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/10/how-nu…

iPhone : Keeping the streets safe for democracy.
Well done John. twitter.com/mattuthompson/…

iPhone : Id agree with Bruno/COMs caution here - for now. Senior EU officials think a time limit on an unworkable proposal doesnt make sense. But could be thinkable provided the customs part of Boris plan is right/evolves twitter.com/brunobrussels/…