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iPhone : Researchers seek answers to gray whale deaths on the west coast after 57 (twice the usual rate) have washed up to date during migration north. seattletimes.com/seattle-news/e…

iPhone : This feels like an implosion waiting to happen: bloomberg.com/news/features/…
(Also is he the Joel Olsteen of real estate?)

iPhone : “Of the 12 states ranked highest in infant mortality rates, all with rates of 7.0 or higher, 11 are described by the abortion rights organization NARAL as imposing ‘severely restricted access’ on abortions.” Michael Hiltzik, reporting on an essential hypocrisy. lat.ms/2W5zw5c

Twitter Web App : David Bowies Advice to Artists, 1997.

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Twitter Web App : Chris Schultz ✈️ Michael Hecht You know my love of New Orleans goes deep. And I gotta take up for sunny SF. Last year SF had 3061 hours of sun and NOLA had a mere 2650. (And baked goods.)☀️🌫️🌉🏄‍♂️
(Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_c…)

iPhone : It’s a sad day for women in Alabama whose 25 male representatives in the Senate passed a law to suppress their right to make decisions about their bodies and for their families. Outrageous, immoral and unfounded legislation. apple.news/AnoIjB_qySSa0F…

iPhone : If you are wondering why Bill Nye (Bill Nye) is trending. WATCH.

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iPhone : Vox They are! Some Christians like Pence are perverting Christianity to use it as a tool for oppression based on gender, class, race, sexual orientation, etc.
Thankfully there are lots of Christians and non working to restore those values like loving thy neighbor—all thy neighbors

iPhone : I do sort of love the fact that people think a species that can't manage a perfect 4-billion-year old self-sustaining solar-powered biosphere surrounded by its own self-generated forcefield are gonna somehow be able to build a viable space habitat.