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iPhone : In case anyone was wondering what the opposite of an extinction rebellion looks like twitter.com/policy_exchang…

iPhone : This is the PM who told the public in March that she was on their side, in their resentment towards parliament. twitter.com/bbcpolitics/st…

Twitter Web Client : There is also an interesting 'type' that's arisen of the elderly Brexiteer who should (and probably does) know way better: Patrick Minford, Mervyn King, Nigel Lawson.

Twitter Web Client : If when this is all over social science still gets funded, there's an interesting case study to be done entitled 'Patrick Minford and the performativity of rogue economics' theguardian.com/politics/2019/…

iPhone : Nick Gray Yes, agreed. I do think the BBC could work harder at resisting this kind of thing. There are progs which exist for this purpose - Start the Week, Front Row - so why collapse it into news?

Twitter Web Client : Trump wants violence | Richard Seymour on Patreon patreon.com/posts/trump-wa…

Trump is going all out for Kulturkampf 2020. He wants bloodletting. And he has the loyal protection of the GOP leadership, who know that he will be their candidate.

iPhone : On "the underlying toxicity of the myth of betrayal”. Delighted to have commissioned the great Fintan OToole to write about the less-than-great Rod Liddle gu.com/p/bqdxk/stw

TweetDeck : BBC Newsnight But to understand how you get to (4), you need to understand how (1) was so easy to pull off in the first place. These are very serious times, and PR shouldn’t be getting this kind of easy ride in a non-commercial setting such as the BBC

TweetDeck : BBC Newsnight 3) Presenter then asserts authority by haranguing author over past racist comments, which are neither in the book nor the notional ‘debate’
4) racist author succeeds in looking victimised, and paints BBC (not entirely unreasonably) of being imbalanced

TweetDeck : For some reason I was moved to go & watch the Rod Liddle BBC Newsnight piece. youtube.com/watch?v=PM4HN7… It’s a case study of media failure
1) Publicist manages to railroad major news prog into covering new book (how? Why?)
2) Producer tries to hide this by turning it into ‘debate'

Twitter Web Client : Effectively the Conservative Party is an extraction machine, no less than Amazon or Goldman Sachs, where trust and cohesion is extracted from the host organism (society) and absorbed into the parasite.

Twitter Web Client : The Tory leadership race has not in fact produced 'blue on blue' attacks that will damage the Tory Party. Their race for the bottom will end up damaging the UK, as ever. The Conservative Party is a machine for generating negative externalities.