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iPhone : The whole thing about him being ‘cheerful’ and ‘optimistic’ made perfect sense to all those people flogging clicks and newspapers.

iPhone : The main difference is that the current PM has fused the ‘entertainment’ and the ‘politics’ pages together, and half a dozen political journalists are forever in his debt twitter.com/jameskirkup/st…

iPhone : The idea that Brexit is an anti-elite project is a nonsense.

Professor David Edgerton says, a certain section of the British political class are suffering from terrible delusions of grandeur.

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iPhone : Ben Judah For sure. Though not sure how far that has penetrated younger generations in Britain. But you see it in some of the Brexit enthusiasm in places like Jacobin occasionally. Brexit looks wonderful from 8,000 miles away.

iPhone : Have now read equivalent of all 57 pages of Perry Anderson’s latest via the medium of tweeted summaries and opinions.

iPhone : Worth remembering that, when it comes to Brexit, Boris Johnson is perhaps the most ambivalent person in Britain. His only problem with Remain or May’s deal or no deal or anything is if it blocks him personally. Hardly surprising if he backed May’s deal, now he’s got what he wants

iPhone : This assumes that Tory press are passive victims in all of this, but they’re not. They’ve installed one of their own in Downing Street, and are his accomplices. twitter.com/jayrosen_nyu/s…