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Twitter Web App : This is my favorite of these #StarTrekShortTreks faux book covers so far. The old-school 1980s Pocket Books vibe makes me all tingly. 🖖😎


Twitter Web App : Did you hear that big thump? It's the sound made by a copyedited manuscript landing on my desk. In this case it's for AGENTS OF INFLUENCE, my #StarTrek original series novel slated for publication next June.

Guess I should give this a look.


Twitter Web App : "CBS Television Studios and the Television Academy Foundation today announced a partnership to launch a unique Star Trek internship program in 2020, for graduate and undergraduate college students nationwide."


Twitter Web App : Hey, everybody! "Ask Not," the latest #StarTrekShortTreks, is live!


Twitter Web App : When I make myself breakfast, I pull eggs from the carton at random, rather than following a pattern from one end to the other.


Twitter Web App : In the interest of boosting awareness for men my age to get serious about their health and complete this necessary procedure, I've decided to share the video from my own recent colonoscopy.

You're welcome.

(But seriously, dudes. Get this shit done.)

Twitter Web App : In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row...