Diane Brewer #MyFakeGovDeSantisIsFundedByUkraine (@dbrew101 )

Diane Brewer #MyFakeGovDeSantisIsFundedByUkraine

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iPhone : Dear Anonymous,
Trump is being impeached because he KNOWS with he CANNOT WIN without using other governments to help him RIG the election—AGAIN!
Nancy Pelosi, probably
The Q in #QAnon stands for #QuidProQuo as in #TrumpsGottaGo‼️


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iPhone : Were 14 days away from Kentuckys governor election. Our governor, Matt Bevin, has spent the last 4 years bullying teachers and trying to take away our health care. I wont stand for it. Neither should you. Sign up to volunteer: mobilize.us/kydems/?utm_me…

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iPhone : The President is not a victim. He should be the most powerful person on the planet. To equate his plight to lynching is grotesque. twitter.com/repkinzinger/s…

iPhone : Skip to 39-42 seconds. Did he just say kill Obama in this interview?

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