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Bio Husband, father, thinker, not necessarily in that order. I know you cant fix stupid, but I try when I see it.
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Twitter Web App : I AM DONE meems There are some who see this as superfluous. Murder is already illegal, they say, and this just wastes tax $ and complicates the criminal code. I see their point logically but that misses the irrationality of the act itself and therefore the need for special consideration.

Android : Ted Cruz How childish you are. More than any other country, America is an idea. Being American means being all those things on her list. But you already know that, and opted for a childish insult to stir up people less worldly. What a despicable thing.

Android : Kevin M. Kruse David Walsh True story: my brother's wife is an amazing singer, classically trained. At the reception, her best friend put her on the spot and had her sing Aretha's "RESPECT", which she had admittedly been working on for a performance. Thought it an interesting way to kick off a marriage.

Android : This is a screaming red siren, but in the daily barrage of crazy, can we hear it?Trump is not only trying to rewrite history of Russia’s intervention in 2016, he is now using the power of the presidency to conceal their 2020 scheme to re-elect him.Dangerous!…