Dani is On Semi Hiatus Because of FESTA (@ddaengifyuagree )

Dani is On Semi Hiatus Because of FESTA

Bio I love Jesus and BTS and my best friends. OT7, Yoongi biased, crackhead thread maker. On 2/20/2019 Namjoon saw my VLive comment and blew his whistle 💜
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Twitter Web App : I beg you to rt this

Delete everything regarding his p*ersonal info*rmation, dm the accounts who have posted things like that

They are clout seekers, report, block and email to bighit


Twitter Web App : ck I think so too, it’s a free twitter but also I think that they should honestly reflect before they tweet. We’ve had this happen numerous to times where people do this and ARMY responds and it never changes anything so, I think reporting silently and blocking is the best choice

Twitter Web App : Today I showed my korean friend Trivia: Love and she said that the lyrics were so touching and that Namjoon used a lot of beautiful uncommon phrases that were so meaningful that she wanted so badly to translate the meaning to its fullest but she couldn’t. That’s our President 💜

Twitter Web App : be like farts guys twitter.com/ddaengifyuagre…

Twitter Web App : BTS unless we make a big deal about it and the media takes notice. BTS don’t have time to take notice of small time idiots with nothing better to do but be racist and ethnocentric. Next time things happen, instead of attacking remember to be like a fart: silent but deadly.