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Android : I love this new Christmas sweater I just got, Ill have to do a full photoset in it 😭❤️


Buffer : Gulliver wanted to see whats for dinner 😂

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Buffer : More iPhones are sold every day than people are born.

iPhone : I feel this, although I have ADHD and that’s why I can’t member I sowwy twitter.com/riddim_unicorn…

iPhone : I am so over this “pick me” bullshit. U are with all women or against them. U are not better than because u show a smaller percentage of ass online or because u didn’t come from the same financial background or because u chose a different life path. Mind ur biz quietly or support

iPhone : ELIZABETH JS Kev or Zo, take your pick The only reason it costs more than cooking at home is for overhead. Food costs and labor costs for dishwashers, hosts, cooks, etc. If restaurants start paying more to servers food costs would more than likely rise by 20% at least. Costing more to consumers @ the end of the day

iPhone : I could probably bottle up my coke drip spit and sell it to some idiot somewhere for a disgustingly large amount of money

iPhone : Joe W. Bowles II Bill Gates He’s def wrong. Solar power is a Gigawatt per square km! All you need is a 100 by 100 mile patch in a deserted corner of Arizona, Texas or Utah (or anywhere) to more than power the entire USA. This analysis goes through calcs blogs.ucl.ac.uk/energy/2015/05…