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Twitter Web Client : Fans who can't take in the show like grown adults and instead try to stand out and put the spotlight onto themselves deserve to be thrown out of the building. Shameful behavior.…

Twitter Web Client : reminiscing about playing Tony Hawk in college with my old roommate

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Twitter Web Client : Drake visiting Sofia at Lurie Childrens πŸ’™

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Twitter Web Client : Laughing at all the dorks trolling WWE for putting out Shield shirts immediately after they reunited. Its almost as if this was planned! No shit, you moron, everything you see was on a script and acted out, dont be so dense.

Twitter Web Client : Corelle Dishes Unbreakable ?not with D.Destro ....🚨🚨🚨PCO is working-out abs very differently than anyone else in the world !!! ***60 /80/100 lbs coming from the air !!! Isometric Leg raises with 200 lbs 🚨🚨🚨#feelTheElectricity #PCOisNotHuman

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Twitter Web Client : Pope Francis statement is hollow as are the measures to stop the mass molestation. Until concrete action is defined,and punishment is judicial. The United States of America should take all tax exception off the table. What GOD would allow this to happen let alone continue?

iPhone : JMeyer Somebody (dad and his son) left Progress Chicago early and I asked them why. "I just can't stand WALTER. He doesn't do anything for me." I was stunned. He's ahead of the trend here, at least.

iPhone : There are so many wrestlers whom I like, who are extremely talented between the ropes, but lack any and all edge, personality, or reason to pay money to see them. That sucks, man.