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Twitter Web App : Matt Gaetz (((Jerry Nadler))) You have no authority over this process. Even the parliamentarian agreed you shouldn't be there. Stop the grandstanding and pearl clutching. I think you may need a drink to calm yourself. Your "constituents" will be voting you out soon.

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump The whistle blower has been threatened by you and your goons. Haven't lost credibility just need to be protected. You're done Donny boy. Even those closest to you will turn on you. Can't wait til it's Rudy's turn. That'll make for interesting testimony.

Twitter Web App : Kellyanne Conway Joe Biden Too bad you'd rather run a campaign based on lies rather than run on your record. This is the not 1 promise kept president except for the 1 that resulted in the deaths of countless Kurds.

Twitter Web App : Rep. Matt Gaetz All this grandstanding will never make you right or a better person. You are irrelevant to the proceedings and had no business being there. Time's running out for you Matt enjoy what's left of your 15 minutes.

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump We're in this situation because of you alone! Pulling our troops out allowed this genocide to occur and no matter how many times you tweet something different the world will never forgive you. Our allies use to be able to rely on America. No more.